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iPhone 6 S Display : New Features and Updates iPhone 6 s display

The next main thing is changing is the iPhone 6 S display. Now the panel itself is still the same it will still look the same at 13:34 by 7:50 IPS panel on the iPhone 6 S display and  1080P LCD on the iPhone 6 S+. But the iPhone 6 S display now has some extra hard work to make it pressure-sensitive.

Apple calls it 3D touch and it’s basically the iPhone biggest new feature called 3D touch. iPhone 6 S display is not the force touch because it has multiple layers of pressure sensitivity and that’s what allows for what Apple calls “peak and pop”.

Nobody actually cause at that, but that’s what happens when an app, that supports 3D touch. If you see something you like you can press into it with a bit of pressure to ‘pick’ to see what it is and if you like what you see, you can press even harder to ‘pop’ into that thing to view at full screen. And that’s the essence of pick and pop.

It’s not just a long press can actually pick into something and then decide that’s all you want to see and you can release it to minimize it back. You can also have iPhone 6 S 3D touch on the home screen so Apps support it, review a quick shortcuts to functions inside them when you press with some presser.

A couple of Apple app support this to start a few third party ones are doing this to end with a little practice you can kind of get to remembering where certain functions are in a short cuts. You can actually get it to do, what you want to do a little bit quicker. It works pretty well now but we have to remember this is still pretty early for the new iPhones and a lot of the apps that we use today aren’t supported by iPhone 6 S display 3D touch.

However, developers are getting on that and when developers build in 3D touch functionality in a meaningful way into their apps. It will start to build out and it will be a lot more prevalent throughout the whole i OS.

So again right now when it’s really it seems a little bit excessive but it become very important in the future when a Apps isn’t supported and you try to 3D Touch icon on the home screen. For example when you have to Kenjon gives you this quick triple buzz and employers the edges letting you know there’s nothing happen so we can figure out which Apps have 3D functionality and which don’t in a matter of just going around and pressing all the apps on your home screen until you find a good ones.

I think retouched is pretty cool but again it will only get cooler in time thanks to developers.

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