iPhone 6 S Live Photo : Review And Updateslive photo

New feature in the camera this year called live photo where you can take live photo which are enabled by the fall captures one half seconds i.e. 0.5 seconds before and a half seconds after you press the shutter bottom for every picture. And you can even see the live photo indicator while you’re capturing after you hit the shutter bottom and after you hit the shutter bottom.

So you can shot a short gifts with sound by 3D touching the photo you just took and seeing the lead-up to the shot and then what happened right after it can be cool every once in a while like being able to see something blowing in the wind or capturing the lead-up to a photo or what happened right after you click the shutter.

Thus your life would probably be more interesting if you are taking pictures of more dynamic things like people. Although you may capture the photo putting back to pocket or photo of the floor. So there’s an update coming to prevent this from happening by having the iPhone read the accelerator meter and gyroscope to know when you stop holding your phone up but yeah that’s pretty much for live photo.

Now you can share it on the Facebook and make it profile picture. As Facebook had already launched the video profile picture. Moreover you can make them as your wallpaper or make them your Apple watch face. Here the conclusion that life photos are just a really big beautiful demo for 3D touch. It’s enabled by the fall they take up the space of two photos instead of once. If there is not a big deal with storage and the only way to view them as with a 3D touch so learn it. 3D touches going to be really soon.

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