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iPhone 6 S Specs Features And New Updatesiphone 6 s specs

Apple said that ‘S’ stood for Speed. Technically we haven’t said anything. Since, some people assume as against the answer speed because this phone is insanely fast. As I can Apple’s new nine chip technically a dual-core chip but two very powerful quarries near 2Ghz and 2 gigabytes of RAM which is plenty for iOS as we know.

Some multitasking is great as it keeps more absent memory than they did before. An overall day-to-day performance is supper snappy. Frame rates are consistently high on this phone for weeks. So it’s not just a brand new phone being fast.

Apps open and close are really quickly and the performance though top notch. The iphone 6 S specs drop some insane scores to in get in. In order to get bench on par with some laptop so that it gives you any idea. iPhone 6 S specs is blaze now.

There is one aspect that’s actually technically worse than it was before and that’s the battery. On paper yet they have technically a slightly smaller battery in these new iPhones 6 S specs than it did in the previous. The iPhone 6 S specs is down to 1715 mAh and the iPhone 6 S plus down to 2750 mAh.

The battery life however is still about the same. Meaning the iPhone 6 S specs battery is okay it will probably last year full day normally but heavy days you might find yourself needing to plug in before the end of the day but the iPhone 6 S plus battery is really good.

That’s one of the benefits of a bigger phone. The iPhone 6 S specs as one of the best battery life in any smartphone has awesome standby time. Meaning you can forget to charge tonight and not have any worries and I failed to kill it in a day so I’m more than happy at the end of day ending with 20 to 30 percent battery life even after normal or heavy use.

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