Get job in nepal

If you are fresher then getting a job in Nepal is as hard as climbing Mt. Everest. There are not enough jobs in Nepal. People are going abroad in order to get job and earn a good living. May be 70% or 80% youths go abroad in search of job and education or in motive to get settle over there but the rest of us always like to get a job in Nepal so we can sustain the life here. Nowadays the digital media has flourished in Nepal that helps anyone for the search of job. Following are the major sites where you can find job vacancy announced.

How Can I Update About Daily Job Offers?

  2. ramro
  3. ja
  4. mero
  5. jobs
  6. ejob
  7. kantipur
  8. hotnepali
  9. engineerko

Through Newspaper you can also get information about the jobs. We have ordered the sequence as per vacancy post frequency.

  1. Himalayan times
  2. Kantipur
  3. Gorkhapatra
  4. Kathmandu Post

If any company announces for vacancy then you can directly go to their webpage and find the job information and also the applying procedure. The next thing after you find the information about the job you wanted is to prepare yourself. Following are the procedure to prepare yourself so you will get the job you wanted.

  1. Make a good CV. (Nowadays the Euro pass format is very popular and widely accepted in the world. It has a good looking visibility. Always put photo in your CV. Search in Google with name europass cv template you will find one ,fill it out )
  2. Make a good cover letter. The letter should contain your interest and commitments about your work. If somebody is making vacancy then we must be according to them so they would see in us for what they are looking in vacancy announced position.
  3. Get information about the company. If you are going for the interview then you must acquire some knowledge about the company before attending the interview.
  4. Read hard. Interview won’t always be easy. If you miss the answers regarding your subject matter then it’s likely for you to be rejected. So do prepare academically. If you don’t have enough time then go for the general knowledge about your subject. Most interviews are based on general knowledge of subject matter in Nepal.