joyJoy itself seems and hold magnificent relation with life.Life is a endless journey of thousands of crossroad. Every people struggle many up’s and down’s to reach the destiny, nevertheless the final one. As by nature human beings is one of the most superior living being ever exist in this world and their intention and need ar also never ending. In this long course of way, some where you get success and sometime you fail to achieve what you want. So joy in life counts the major things that anyone get rid from failure. Failure make everyone quiet bit nervous,in some cases people get so worried from failure, makes them frustration which lead to depression, finally whole life may be spoil. Nowadays we heard many cases of suicide often the depression. Thus solution to get rid of all this situation is to find joy in little things.


Joy may varies its limit as we go from the childhood to adult group of people. As we can remember one thing, when we were child if some one give One rupees, we felt so happy and every where we see happiness. But this case don’t resembles to adult group of people. They have their own problem and own responsibilities. Similarly they also have problem and get fail at the course of time.

However, we should think that success and failure are not meaning of life. And every superior of life is not for only person. Even in the small things we must feel joy in our life. We must feel our greatness and our importance and value. The things we get success rather we are unable to do in the past. Every day before we start our daily life we must foster a optimistic mind set full of positiveness, hope and joy.

We expect that happiness come in a bigger package and we are only looking for it and we lost the joy of present in the little… little things which comes in a steady flow of small beautiful pleasure. mean that we wait for future at the same time we forget the present and sometimes we go back in past; we are of tomorrow and were of Yesterday. This is the main reason that people don’t feel happy in life. so from today let’s begin, let’s start to live for today rather for tomorrow and yesterday think just a minute that little things from which how much joy we can felt on them. This is not only the feelings but the willingness to live life for toady. Lets celebrate Today, live life for today. And only you will find joy, beyond your dreams