hydroelectric power
hydroelectric powerTHREE GORGES DAM

The Three Gorges Dam , the world’s largest hydroelectric power station of 22,500MW installed capacity and generating 98.8 TWh annually, is a hydroelectric dam located in Hubei, China. Among the 32 main generators installed, 14 are in north side, 12 in south side and 6 are underground in the mountain south of the dam. The designed head of the generators is 80.6 meters with height  of dam 181 m, flow rate is 600-950 cubic meter with spillway capacity 116,000 cubic meter per second.

Itaipu Power Plant

Itaipu Power Plant is the second largest hydroelectric power plant located at the border of Brazil and Paraguay. The dam is combination gravity, buttress and embankment section which height is 196m length. The total capacity of reservoir is 29 cubic km with catchment area 1,350,000 cubic km square. The power station is conventional type with hydraulic head 118m. The 20 Francis turbine is used which produced 700MW power. The installed capacity and the annual generation of the power plant is 14GW and 87.8TWh respectively.

Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Power Plant

Simon Bolivar HEPP (Hydroelectric Power Plant ) is also known as the Guri power project, which is the third world’s largest hydroelectric power plant located on the Venezuela. The installed capacity of plant is 10.2GW consists of 20 generating units  vary from 130MW to 770MW.


This power plant is the fourth biggest hydroelectric power plant in the world located at Brazil with 12 generating units with capacity 330MW and 2 auxiliary units of 25MW .

Grand Coulee Hydro power Plant

The World’s fifth largest hydroelectric power station is Grand Coulee located at Washington, US with annual generating capacity more than 24 TWh.


Sixth most biggest hydroelectric power plant of the world, Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant located on the Russia with the installed capacity of 6.4 GW. It consist of 10 Francis turbines with each capacity 640 MW. Annually it generates 23.5 TWh.


The Longtan hydroelectric power project is the seventh largest HEP in world lie in China. The installed capacity of the plant is 6,300 MW which consist of 9 generating units of 700MW each . Francis turbine is used where the annual generating capacity is 18.7TWh.


World’s ninth largest Robert-Bourassa hydroelectric power plant is located on Canada with installed capacity 5.616GW. There are total 16 Francis turbines of 351MW each in two power plant generating station.

 Churchill Falls

Churchill Falls Hydro power plant is located on the Canada with installed capacity of 5,428MW, which is the tenth largest hydro power of the World. There are 11 Francis turbines of 493.5MW each in the underground power plant.