Lekhnath municipality is named on the honor of one of the greatest Nepali poet Lekhnath Poudel(1885-1966). Lekhnath is surrounded by Pokhara Municipality, Kotre river and lamjungLekhnath where seven lakes ; Begnas
lake, Rupa lake, Depang lake, Maidi Lake,Khaste Lake, Neureni Lake and Gunde Lake . Among them, Begnas lake , Rupa lake and Depang lake are the most popular among the visitors.  It occupy the 21.53 square km of Nepal with 58,816 people (Census 2011).The prithivi highway pass through lekhnath  to Pokhara thats why it is also known as the Gateway to Pokhara. Central college and office of Pokhara University, Lekhnath Community Hospital, Lekhnath Substation(NEA), adequate School, high school makes the lekhnath more educated, healthy and happy which were the precious parts of lekhnath. Lekhnath Industrial Festival ( Number 1 Festival of Nepal) Trimarathon , Begnas festival, Rupa Festival, Teej Natonal Cup (Football tournament) are the programs are conducted annually in Nepal. There is also Lekhnath Bus Service at Begnastal from where buses are available in each and every part of lekhnath valley in convenient time for the visitors and local people.

Begnas Lake

Only 3 km from prithivi highway ( Talchowk), Begnas Lake is the largest lake of lekhnath which is famous for “Honeymoon Lake”. Many Restaurants and lodges are serving  tourist with local fish and typical Nepali items as like five star standard lodgeing. Fishing, swimming, boating and trekking to the Begnash Kot are the favorite activities for tourist in begnas lake where Annupurna range of Himalaya, Dhulagiri and Macchapuchray are closed enough.

Rupa Lake

About 6 Km from the main road, smaller cousin of Begnas Lake, Rupa lake  is the longest lake of lekhnath. Peoples usually visit Rupa lake for the taste of varieties of fish, for Kayaking and Trekking to  Rupakot. Restaurants and Lodges are available for the visitors. Recently Rupakot Resort is providing service for the tourists.

Depang Lake

Depang Lake is popular who loves fishing. Many people are engage in fishing for fun and to kick off holiday somehow. Few Guest house and lodge are  there where we can enjoy camp firing at night. This lake is the third largest lake of lekhnath which is 5 km from main road near shisuwa.

Maidi Lake

Maidi lake encroached by local’s paddy fields which is in between the Dipang lake and Begnas lake. This lake is now on underworking for the construction of its dam.

Khaste Lake

Khaste lake is located 2 km far from the prithivi Highway(Buddhi bazar). it is famous for fishing. Restaurants and lodge open near the lake from where we can enjoy the view of the khaste lake.

Niureni Lake and Gunde Lake

Niureni and Gunde lakes are  closed enough to each other. They are like twin brother and sister. They are usually love by peace lover. These lake are comparitively tiny than others.