Marshall London Smartphone is the most awesome android Smartphone launched by Marshall Headphones. Marshall Smartphone is named as Marshall London Smartphone. Marshall London Smartphone may be the best choice for the music lovers in the world. Marshall London Smartphone was sold 100,000 on the launching ceremony.  Many people note that Marshall just give a great surprised to the world with its rock and roll Marshal London Smartphone. Marshall London Smartphone is much better than iPhone and other series of Samsung Smartphone for the audio playback. It is designed with full of retro and texture style of its classical guitar amps. Marshall Headphones claims that it is the loudest and cool Smartphone ever on Earth. Now let’s look the special features and its reviews below.

Marshall London Smartphone Special Features and Reviews:

Marshall announced July 16 that it is launching a new Smartphone designed with music lovers in mind. It is claimedmarshall london smartphone that Marshall London Smartphone might just be the loudest phone on earth with two front facing speakers. It also supports dual headphone jack so you and a friend can watch movies or listen to music together. It is based on Special Wolfson WM8281 Audio Hub for the high resolution audio playback and there is also given “M” button on top from where you can opens your best music application within a second.

Marshall London Smartphone is 4.7 inch, 720p display is not as sharp as today’s 1080p or QHD flagships, and the quad-core Snapdragon 410 CPU is less powerful tan the brawny octa-core chips on full of other Smartphones in the market. At 2500mAh, the London’s battery is also smaller than what we have come to expect. Marshall London Smartphone, 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front camera are almost laughable compared to the 13 and 16 megapixel rear shooter most Smartphone are packing. The audio equipment maker briefly released details on the Marshall London Smartphone, which it has since removed from its website. It appears the device will be shipping on August 21 and will reportedly cost $499.