mens room reloaded

MENS ROOM RELODED group also known as MRR, was established on 11th December 2011. Mens Room Reloaded is the facebook group which is one of the most popular groups on facebook  among the Nepalese community.  There are more than 50,000 Nepalese youths from different profession via; Engineer, Doctor, Pilot, Lecturer and so on. Moreover, Students and ordinary youths also regularly engaged in this Room. One of the most unique characteristics features of Mens Room Reloaded is all members are Nepalese youths only MALE. Entertainment, Brotherhood and Social Works are the tag word followed by Mens Room Reloaded group. This group was created for fun and to have a private communication between our brothers. Group members of MRR believe the slogan “BROTHERS FROM DIFFERENT MOTHERS.”

Mens Room Reloaded

As we all know Mens Room Reloaded serves to the many people. We can say that it is very helpful to all categories of people. If you have any problem simply if you post in a group you can gather many ideas over there. There are many members who are associated with the different fields of work.

As well as Mens Room Reloaded gives its own identity by helping on many people’s problem. For example we see that many member collect the fund for the donation to the kidney problem people, it really helps for the urgent blood donation to the victim, regarding to the people who are outside Nepal it cooperation accounts significantly and so on.

We heard that Mens Room Reloaded members help to the victim of Sindupalchowk district at the time of the natural disaster also in the Koshi Flood victims. As in front of our eyes we see that Mens Room Reloaded members collect fund and rescue many people in the time of the Earthquake. They save hundreds of lives at the time of national disaster.

Moreover members of Mens Room Reloaded initiate to stop the strike in Nepal forever by holding placards’ “NEPAL KHULLA CHA”. Members spread the general consciousness among the people to save the Nepal. This action by the Mens Room Reloaded gives the positive vibes among the Nepalese people.

This way Mens Room Reloaded plays the major key role on the different sectors concern with nationalism and brotherhood. One day it will rises as the major leader amongst the social network in Nepal. The continuation of these types of task will arise more Nepali youths inside its circle.