mers CoV

Mers virus take the 100 people life’s until now in South Korea. Mers virus affect mainly middle east part of South Korea. The government of  South Korea starts war against “mers virus“. Until now it affect 1,600 people in South Korea. It is reported that 565 people are seriously affected and other people are care taker under hospital. mers virus deadly affect the respiration system and finally take the life.

Mers Virus

According to the reporter of the NEWS Channel of South Korea, government shifted 1,600 people of affected area by Mers to safe place. Until now there is no vaccine against  virus in South Korea. More than 1,500 school and colleges stops their schedule and more than 200 business organization closed their work. It is reported that Mers came through Arabian State where 3 years before it was viral. South Korean channel and other communication media release the safety precaution against Mers.

Before a Decade as like SARS,Mers virus is also considered as fatal disease. Government of South Korea addressed to people not to panic. To cure against Mers virus, all infected people are take the South of Seoul. One of the experts of Social Hospital Kang Chol report that mers virus is not caused by airborne. But due to the lack of response by the government of South Korea. People are worried unnecessarily. However, the infected people by Mers virus in South Korea goes on increasing, WHO administrator report that it will be under controlled recently.

Due to the lack of information provided to the people, the gathering in Shopping Mall, Parks tends to be zero. At a same time Park Won-Soon, Mayer of Seoul reassurances to take the Mers virus under control and start the War against it.

MOON Hyong-po, Health Minister of South Korea also published the statement for the public that government will put or full effort to victory over Mers virus.

Firstly, MERS Virus was found in Arab Emirates in 2012. At that time more than 25 Asian countries were affected and 1,506 people were died. Mers virus attack the respiration system and it has 38% Mortality rate.

The general symptoms of Mers virus are fever, cough and hardness of breath which becomes or deadly. Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) was secondly found in 2014. Now Mers virus is the major concern issues worldwide.

Moreover at first Mers is considered to affect only human beings rather than  animals. But Ministry of Health of South Korea reported that 3 camels are dead inside the zoo due to MARS Virus and other 20 camels are taken to safe place.

We also pray victory against Mers virus.