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Motorbike maintenance is not a big deal if you give attention over here for just five minutes. Today we are here to guide you about motorbike maintenance yourself. For even the small and minor problem you may face in your motorbike, this article will help you to save your vehicle as well as your money.You may have a motorbike of Honda, Pulsar, Yamaha, Suzuki, UM, or others. You must have heard about the cc, servicing, handling, turning radius, torque etc…  In this article we will be acknowledging you about the motorbike maintenance in regular manner with some general concept on bike about its parts. Motorbikes are nowadays more like our friends. Engineers gave life to material through engine in which engine breathes air, eats petrol/diesel and produces energy which we use to travel from one place to another. Had there been no mechanical engineers to produce engines, we want you to think how powerless and lame our world would have been.

CC is the total volume swept when piston moves from lower point to upper point. Handling is more conceptual and feeling things. Turning radius is the total radius needed for you to turn in specific speed. Torque is the total rotating power you will get from engine. You should keep on mind of following things for Motorbike Maintenance at top quality.

General Concept for Motorbike Maintenance:

1. Service in Time:

This is the key point for Motorbike Maintenance. Do/Make servicing in time. Do notice that changing the engine oil is not the complete service. You must be careful about servicing. You must watch the following thing while doing a servicing.


  • Change Engine oilmotorbike maintenance


  • Insect air filter – If dust is enough and cannot be cleaned it should be replaced with new one otherwise cleaning with high pressure air should be necessary.
  • Check tension of the chain – During certain interval of the time the chain gets loose enough because it has to take load every time you ride the bike. So check with mechanic and make it tighten otherwise you will suffer from sprockets problem.
  • Clean the spark plug ignition point – There should be some black carbon deposition on the spark plugmotorbike maintenance which you must clean to increase efficiency of combustion, which means to increases the mileage.
  • Clean the carburetor – The dirty petrol from petrol pump will be deposited in the jets of the carburetor. This deposition hampers the pickup and smooth driving of bike. This also affects the starting of engine at morning and in other various times.
  • Adjust the idle speed (race) – You must make your bike fuel consumption rate by lowering down the idle speed of engine so that you get good mileage and good idling also.

motorbike maintenance

  • Adjust brakes – The brake must be tightened. Or Inspect brake oil in disc brake.
  • Adjust clutch – The free movement of clutch lever must be maintain up to 10 – 30 mm.
  • Lubricate accelerator wire

2. Check the engine oil level regularly:

This is the essential task for the motorbike maintenance. Engine has piston moving very fast. motorbike maintenanceIn this process the metallic parts of the engine gets eroded regularly if there is no engine oil to lubricate the moving zone. Be aware that if there is zero engine oil and you run the bike then it’s sure that engine ceases.

To check engine oil you must open the engine oil gauge. The engine oil gauge has two points one high and one low the level must be in between them.

3. Do not instant throttle:

Guys this could really hurt to say that don’t take your bike pick up instantly. motorbike maintenanceBut remember smooth operation always increase the life of your bike.  If you keep on instant throttling your bike then it’s sure to produce smoke within few months. That means you have to open the engine to change the rings of the pistons.

4. Do not get down of hill using gears and not using brakes:

If you use gears for braking purpose then in your engine you will create back pressure. This will result in breaking of the gaskets and the piston rings. So please use the brakes for this purpose.

5. Check the air of Tires regularly:

This should be done regularly otherwise you disc of the tyre will have problem. It’s always better to make your tiers tubeless.

6. Lubricate your chains and check its loosening:

If the chain is loose then it hampers your pick up and sprockets. So be sure the chain is always tight at correct amount.

7. Wash and tighten the nut and bolts of bike:

Clean bike is always a pride of a guy to go take a girl on a date. So do maintain cleaning your bike. On the cleaning process you can tighten some nut and bolts which will help you reduce vibration in bikes.

Thanks for reading please consult any problem to us if you have some. We will be helping you with technical support regarding motorbike maintenance.

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