mount everest

Mount Everst is the highest peak of the World. Mount Everest was name after Sir George Everest, who served in Nepal as Surveyor General of Indiamount everest from 1830 to 1843. Mount Everest is also know as Sagarmatha in Nepal which meaning in Sanskrit is ” Ocean Mother” and Chomolungma in China which meaning is “Goddess Mother of the World”. Mount Everest has height of 8,848m from the sea-level according to the different surveys located on the Solukhumbu District of Nepal. It is the main point of attraction of Sagarmatha National Park. It is on the range of Mahalongur Himalayans.

Until 19th Century, No one knew about the Mount Everest as the roof of the World. After that, true mountainer comes across the axile the world to climb the Mount Everest. After so many attempts only in 1953 ,Tenzing Norga and Edmund Hilary are the first persons who were successed to reach at the top of the world with the limited equipmet and oxygne using the South East ridge route. Two friends spent 15 minutes on the summit of Everest with some snap and celebration with hug and eat a cake. Now, with advanced technology, climber can climb easily at the summit of Everest if any natural disaster doesn’t occurs.

Mount Everest

Sherpas are the permanent resident of the Mount Everest regions. Their main income sourses is Tourisum. They serves tourist who comes to visit the base to Mount Everest. Leopard, Jumping Spider, Bar-headed Goose and Cough are found on these area which are the attraction of the Mount Everest. In the other hand, every year 100 of professional climbers reach at the top of the World. As we know every endeavor lies the support and expertise of the shutters deep unsung heroes(Sherpas). Sherpas guide and carry the equipment prepare the roots and rescue climbers. They  get into everyday risking their own lives to save the climbers who successes in their glory to reach the Mount Everest. Without them only the hardiest and most skilled mountaineers would succeed to kiss the roof of the world.