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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. Here are all the questions and answers of the National Education Board Nepal. As there is the change in the Education Board in SLC: School Leaving Certificate and Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB). Many students might be confused about this new change in National Education Board Nepal. We tried our best to collect all the questions and answers relating to the national education board Nepal.

National Education Board Nepal Frequently Ask Questions
  1. What National Education Board works now?

National Education Board works all the works done before by the Higher Secondary Education Council Board and the Office of the Controller of Examinations.

  1. At what class the students should registers for National Education Board?

Student should register at Class 9 for School Leaving Certificate Exam (SLC) and class 11 for the Higher Secondary Exam.

  1. Who will publish the result of the exam held on 2073 Jestha 2 by the Higher Secondary Examination Board (HSEB)?

National Examination Board will publish the Partial class 11 Result 2073 and Regular class 11 result.

  1. When will be the final exam of Higher Secondary Education?

As usual Class 11 and Class 12 fall under the category Higher Secondary Education.  Class 11 is the starting year and class 12 is the final year for the Higher Secondary Education under national Education board.

  1. National Education Board will publish the result on the base of Alphanumeric Method (Letter Grading)?

Recently, National Education board will published the result following the old fashion but near future it will publish in Letter Grading (Alphanumeric Method).

  1. What about the Higher Secondary Educational Board Scholarship that was granted to the students?

From now all the scholarship will provide by the National Educational board.

  1. Who will work all the course related work that used to work by the Higher Secondary Education board?

Now on wards, Curriculum Development Center, Ministry of Education, Bhaktapur will work all the course related work.

  1. Who will conduct the class 10 exam?

SLC class 10 exam will be operate by the Examination Control Office will conduct the class 10 exam under the National Examination Board.

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