natural beauty

Natural Beauty,Nepal is landlocked nation embrace by the Himalayas; Nepal, unity in diversity in religious, culture and tradition, Nepal, country of the top of the world which is officially a Democratic Republic nation of South Asia surrounded by China and India. It encompass with an area of 1, 47,181 which is like rectangle. Nepal milieu with pristine resources of natural beauty of it. This sovereign nation never conquered by any power by other nation.Across the axial of Mount Everest, Nepalese always enjoy with their great natural beauty and beautiful environment that range from the low flat lands: Terai to Sky-scraping Mountains; Himalayan. Home of Himalayas: Nepal provides wide prospects in hydro power, rafting, paragliding,  cannoning and mountain trekking and many more related to natural beauty. Home of the natural beauty, the highest peak Mount Everest and the deepest George of the Arun Valley, Nepal is only one nation of the world where most tourist visited. With the end of the long ruled monarchy and the establishment of a new people chosen democratic government, the country is yet to draft a constitution.

Natural Beauty of Nepal

Unfortunately, Nepal’s regular political up and down had caused a drastic effect on the overall effect on development and improved of the nation. With “Unity in Diversity”, over 100 castes  who never fight each other and the same creeds live together in this small heaven full of natural beauty to make it one of the most peace, most respected and adored nation since a long time. Not only on the caste, natural beauty also matched the quotes; Unity in diversity.

Nepal rises to the top of the world: Mount Everest from sea level within 90-230 km. Thousands of species of plant and varieties of animals are found in Nepal. From cold climatic animals like yeti to hot animals can survive in Nepal beauty environment. From the research point of view natural beauty of Nepal is the most awesome place in the world where thousands of scientists comes annually. As the natural beauty of Nepal is spread in small region. Nepal’s natural beauty is the richest country of the world. Nepalese are fortunate to born in such a country, but due to the instability of politics and government Nepalese are facing many problems like employments, education, health, transportation and so on. But with the new constitutions Nepalese are more hopeful that these problems while be completely eradicated and have the standard and happy living styles.