ncell offer
Ncell Offer

The largest Telecommunication server of Nepal Ncell, brings new bumper offer “Ncell Bahar, Sabailai Upahar”. From this bumper offer of Ncell costumers get the attractive prize for 90 days daily.
This offer starts from Falgun 27 upto 90 days period. In this bumper offer all costumers of Ncell Prepaid and Ncell Postpaid can participate and wins Data package, Bonus balance, Bonus Talk Time, Night Talk time, Bonus SMS and many more. Among which one costumer may win one of the prize.

How to take Participate in this offer?

1) Dial to 17124
2) Send SMS in 17124 typing A
It is to be noted that participating in this offer is free of cost. By participating in this offer every costumer wins one specific prize up to this offer period.

List of Prize for the winners:

Nrs 50 bonus balance, Nrs 25 bonus balance, Nrs 15 bonus balance, 9 Mb data package, 6 Mb data package, 5 minutes bonus talk time, 10 bonus SMS, Nrs 10 night talk time, Nrs night time bonus, 5 bonus SMS and so on.

Terms and Condition for the Ncell Offer, “Ncell Bahar Sabailai Upahar”

The prize granted to the costumers Ncell postpaid and Ncell prepaid will be valid up to the 12 AM that mean 12:00 o’clock at night time. And up to the offer duration costumer wins the same prize and valid up to the same day 12 AM.
Ncell is offering different schemes and prize in every month to all the costumers of Ncell prepaid and Ncell postpaid. For the updated information of Ncell services and offers, stay in touch with us. We are continuously updating all the offers and services of Ncell in our website.
For any further queries and information about this schemes feel free to contact us. We will be available 24 hour 7 days for the convenience of our visitors.

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