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Besides a lot of stories and plenty of shooting places, Hollywood has grabbed few of the things that they can get from Nepal. We suppose everyone in the world would want to find out what happens in the peak of highest mountain in the world.  Directors and Producers from Hollywood have beautifully decorated some of the Nepalese real story movie in their screenplay. Yet they have covered some real stories that happen in mountains. Here you will find the list of the movies that are based on Nepalese real stories but produced and directed by foreign persons (other than Nepal).

Nepalese Real Story Movie Directed and Produced by Foreign
1. Highway to Dhampusnepalese real story movie

This is a first feature length movie, about the Nepalese real story, shot entirely over Nepal. This movie explains the culture of Nepal. The movie is based on a headmistress called Laxmi. She is a social activist. A group of rich foreign people come to Nepal such that they could help her. The story begins after with the things that needs to change and thing about those who come to Nepal will be changed.

2. Himalayannepalese real story movie

It is the first movie that was nominated for best foreign movie category at 72nd academy awards. This Nepalese real story movie is about the living style of the people at Himalayas at over 5 thousand meters. The hardship and backlog are illustrated here in the area of mountains of Dolpa. You can see about archery, mountain crossing, transporting goods through yaks and Himalayan best love story in this movie.

3. Everest ( to be release in September 18, 2015)
nepalese real story movie

This is a docudrama about Tenzin Norgay and Edmund Hilary. These first Everest climbers’ original footage is also included here. This Nepalese real story movie was produced from New Zealand. This is a real story based movie, which is more focus toward the experience of summit and the surviving techniques in mountaineering. If you want to climb any mountains on your own then, we recommend taking some tips from this movie. This movie will also be available in 3D.

4. High Grounds
nepalese real story movie

This Nepalese real story movie was about those personnel who went to climb mountains of Nepal to forget those bad glimpses of the war. This movie was more focused about the real story that was based on the first blind person who reaches the summit of the Everest. You will enjoy with the music and the scenery of the movie.

5. Returned: Child soldiers of Nepal’s Maoist armynepalese real story movie

This film is directed by American person named ‘Robert Koenig’ with its premiering in Hollywood. It won the Activist Award for Children’s Advocacy in Annual Activist Film Festival. This movie also won the best Atlanta underground movie of that year. This movie depicts the reality about how children’s were recruited dramatically in the army. The fighting’s, the fear, the destruction and politics of Nepal is shown in this Nepalese real story movie more clearly.

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