Nepathya Band Member

Nepathya musical band was formed in 1990 by Deepak Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung. Deepak Rana is now a Chopper pilot and Bhim Poon has now living in Hong Kong. And you might know about AMRIT GURUNG who is the active member and known as the Father of Nepathya. Since then, Nepathya has provided many musicians a platform.

Nepalese has seen 21 new faces come and go, but the name Nepathya and its popularity still exists with consistency. Nepathya has been a platform for talented musicians.

Nepathya Band Member

Nepathya Band member-Amrit Gurung : Leader/Composer/Lead Vocalist

Amrit Gurung is the founding father Nepathya which is the one name of Nepali music. He is currently the Band Leader and Composer/ Lead Vocalist of the band.

Since 1990 when the band was formed, Amrit Gurung is the only one who has been part of Nepathya Musical Band. His social activities through music during the past decade in Nepal has been highly admired by all Nepalese.

Apart from Nepathya, Amrit is the team member of the nepa~laya and also involved in innovation and research of folk music in Nepal for which he travels throughout the country.

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Nepathya Band member- Dhurba Lama: Drummer (since 2001)

Dhurba Lama has been a member of Nepathya as a drummer since 2001. With a short break, Dhurba rejoined the band in 2009 and has been involved in all of the Band’s activities after that. Since, Dhurba had performed in various shows in Nepal and abroad. He is also the team member of Nepa-laya which manages music, publishes books and produces independent non-fiction films.

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Nepathya Band member- Suraj Kumar Thapa: Keyboardist (since 2003)

Suraj Kumar Thapa had joined Nepathya Musical Band as a keyboardist since 2003. Since then, Suraj has performed various shows with the Band in Nepal and abroad.

In addition to Nepathya Musical Band, Suraj Kumar Thapa is a music teacher at different schools, gives private piano lessons. He plays violin as well. He is also the Music arranger and coordinator of nepa~laya’s musical project – Paleti, dealing with senior artists of Nepali Music.

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Nepathya Band member-Subin Shakya: Bass Guitarist (since 2004)

Subin Shakya joined Nepathya Musical Band in 2004 as a Bass Guitarist. Subin has performed various shows with the Band in Nepal and abroad. He is also the team member of nepa-laya.

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Nepathya Band Member- Niraj Gurung: Lead Guitarist (since 2009)

Niraj Gurung has joined the band in 2008. And since 2008, Niraj has perfomed with Nepathya nationally and internationally. His international tour includes Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and Israel. Lead Guitarist Niraj Gurung is 21st musician to join Nepathya replacing Hari Maharjan.

Nepathya Band Member- Shanti Bahadur Rayamajhi: Madal/Percussionist (since 2010)

Shanti Bahadur Rayamajhi was a percussionist with Nepathya in 2001-2002. He then left the band to concentrate in his teaching career as well as session playing. He is back with the band since 2010 and he has done several shows in Nepal and abroad. Shanti Bahadur Rayamajhi is specializes in percussion instruments especially: Madal– a traditional Nepali folk percussion.

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