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New Features iPhone 6 S Designnew features iphone 6 s

First, lets discuss about the new Features iPhone 6 S design on the outside. The design means nearly the same, not identical but obviously super familiar for iPhone 6 users.

For the hot girls iPhone announced the new features iPhone 6 S design, which  has all the SEC markings on the bottom and no edge badge then, the success came out after you are no longer required to have the SEC marking so they are rid of him and it looks a little bit cleaner though that is bad. Many iPhone users says that new features iPhone 6 S Design looks a little bit out of place.
Anyway the main way to actually be tell if someone has the new iPhone is if they have the new pink color i.e. rose gold for girls. However, the real difference on the outside is that Apple is now using a 7000 series aluminum which makes for a stronger body.

New features iPhone 6 S design for the stronger than iPhone 6. It means it won’t bend easily even reinforced internally, around the volume bottoms were banned last year. You can’t see that but it’s their overall though bottom placement headphone jack new switch etc all the stuff is in the same place.

New features iPhone 6 S design also have the round shape which is also in the iPhone 6.  As the result, the rounded sides make it a bit slippery in the hands so you already know if you had used it.

Although something to note this new features iPhone 6 S design is bigger taller and wider than the iPhone 6. So your cases and skins from last year probably won’t fit depending on how precisely they are.

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