new features iphone 6 s

Here we are talking about the new features of iPhone 6 S. iPhone 6 S is running with iOS 9. If you’re already using a previous iPhone, you’re probably already very familiar with iOS 9. iPhone 6 S have many benefits over others previous iPhone. Due to the amazing new features of iPhone 6 S such as its blazing fast performance, easy to use, live photos and awesome camera, iPhone 6 S are able to win the heart of the iPhone users.

Here below we describes about the new features iPhone 6 S with comparison with iPhone 6. The difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S at first glance is pretty much hard to find out except its outlooks. However, this article is everything you need to know that is new and different about the new features iPhone 6 S.

New Features iPhone 6 S #Design

First, the design on the outside. The design means nearly the same, not identical but obviously super familiar for iPhone 6 users. For the hot guys iPhone announced the iPhone 6 has all the SEC markings on the bottom and no edge badge then the success came out after you are no longer required to have the SEC marking so they …. Read More

New Features iPhone 6 S #Touch ID

Another changes though on the front of the new iPhone is new Touch ID. The New touch ID is new fingerprint sensor which is ridiculously fast. Some might even say too fast. It’s fast to the point where if you wake up and unlock your iPhone 6 S with your …. Read More

New Features iPhone 6 S #Specsnew features iPhone 6 s

On the 3ds first came out Apple said that ‘S’ stood for Speed. Technically we haven’t said anything since then some people assume as against answer speed because this phone is insanely fast. As I can Apple’s new nine chip technically a dual-core chip but two very powerful quarries near 2Ghz and 2 gigabytes of RAM which….. Read More

New Features iPhone 6 S #Display

The next main thing is changing the iPhone 6 S is the display. Now, the panel itself is still the same it will still look the same at 13:34 by 7:50 IPS panel on the iPhone 6 S and a 1080 LCD on the iPhone 6 S+. But the display, has some extra hard work to make it pressure-sensitive. Apple calls it 3D touch and it’s basically, the iPhones biggest new feature called 3D touch not Force Touch because it has multiple layers of pressure …. Read More

New Features iPhone 6 S #Cameranew features iPhone 6 S

The last but not least new things on the iPhone 6 S is the camera. The iPhone 6 S is rocking with new 12 Megapixel sensor. Same flash and mostly the same optics and everything, Just a new sensor within your specs to back it up you will take a lot of photos with iPhone 6 S probably because for testing and it’s new camera but also because iPhones consistently encourage taking photos. The camera interface has been some of the best balances of…… Read More

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