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New Samsung Galaxy S6 plus + Galaxy Note 5 have begun its warm up for the market of smartphones again. On 21 August, 2015 Samsung is going to release New Samsung Galaxy S6 plus + Galaxy Note 5 in United States. These phones are well designed and very smooth as reviewed from different magazines. While iPhone is slipping in china’s market from 1st to 3rd place this New Samsung Galaxy S6 plus + Galaxy Note 5 may take up the place. New Samsung Galaxy S6 plus + Galaxy Note 5 are uniquely fabricated to get slimmer, better camera, color and cost with many more addition features.

New Samsung Galaxy S6 plus + Galaxy Note 5 have following properties.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (FEATURES)

  1. The phone is curved on both sides with maintaining lighter weight.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has 5.7 inch screen
  3. Has 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera.
  4. Has 4 GB ram with only two sized storage that are 32 and 64 GB
  5. Four colors available (Black, white, Silver and Gold)
  6. 64 GB sized Edge+ will cost $915 at AT&T, or $888 at Sprint. With a two-year agreement, it’s $400 at AT&T or $450 at Sprint. 32 GB will cost $300 with an AT&T contract, and $814 without. Sprint’s 2-year agreement deal is $350, and $792 without a contract.


Galaxy Note 5 (FEATURES)

  1. Multi-tasking in mind
  2. Thinner and Smallersamsung galaxy note 5
  3. Has 5 MP Selfie camera with full HD Live broadcast feature which enables you to surf on YouTube privately or publicly
  4. You can take snapshot of any whole site from top to bottom in this note.
  5. An upgrade in system has made accessibility to write things even when the screen is off.
  6. Charging wireless full within two hours
  7.  32 GB version is available in 250 dollar and 64 GB in 350 with two year contract with at & t. Without any contract you will get this phone at 740 and 840 through at & t and little less in sprint.

As Samsung make announcements of Samsung Galaxy S6 plus + Galaxy Note 5 viability in international market, so it is coming soon in our market also. Also it can be purchase online through Samsung’s store.

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