new touch id
New Touch ID : New features and Upgrades of iPhone 6 Snew touch id
  • Another changes though on the front of the new iPhone 6 S is new Touch ID. The New touch ID is new fingerprint sensor which is ridiculously fast. Some might even say too fast.
  • New Touch ID is fast to the point where if you wake up and unlock your iPhone 6 S with your finger on the home bottom you might actually miss the notifications that you could have read on your lock screen.
  • Which is pretty funny because you can basically unlocked new Touch ID with just a tap now and not holding the home bottom. You can just touch it and a read your finger print.
  • That much fast while unlock of course, hard to read or check notification or just check the time. At that you would use a different finger to check that or resort back to that trustees sleep-wake.

New Touch ID of iPhone 6 S is running with iOS 9. If you’re already using a previous iPhone, you’re probably already very familiar with iOS 9. iPhone 6 S new Touch ID have many benefits over others previous iPhone. Due to the amazing new features of iPhone 6 S such as its blazing fast performance, easy to use, live photos and awesome camera, iPhone 6 S are able to win the heart of the iPhone users.

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