North Korea Interesting Facts

Everyone’s heard about North Korea, the isolated kingdom that hangs off the east coast of China-but did you know these North Korea interesting facts about the infamous country? North Korea interesting Facts are …

North Korea Interesting Facts #1 Bibles / South Korean Movies / Pornography

Possessing bibles, watching South Korean Movies and distributing pornography may be punishable by death in North Korea. 10,000 people including women and children were ordered to go to Shin Kong Stadium in witness the execution of eighty people tied to stakes with sacks over their heads. They were executed by machine guns. This was one of the numerous public executions which took place in North Korea and sent 80 people to their deaths. The executed people were charged with crimes are viewing South Korean movies owning bibles watching pornography and seeking services from prostitutes. There’s an organization that parachutes copies of the Bible into North Korea.

North Korea Interesting Facts #2 Bible Balloons

Although the Bible is banned in North Korea. Believers still find ways to get themselves a copy. Bibles are being distributed by North Korean defectors in South Korea via the so-called Bible balloons. The balloons have an imprint of mark, the shortest at the Gospels and when the wind allows it they are sent over the border into North Korea. The balloons have holes poked in them which eventually make them deflated after floating a certain calculated distance. Guards on the northern borders are required to shoot down the balloons and arrest people that can be associated with them.

North Korea Interesting Facts #3 DVDs of INTERVIEW

North Korean defector had parachuted DVD’s up the INTERVIEW into the country. The recent comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogan is a very open parity up North Korea especially marking dictator Kim Jong Hoon not surprisingly the movie has been effectively banned in North Korea and viewing is considered breaking the law. Park Song Hark an activist in South Korea has said that he considers it important for the people to view the movie. As it would contribute to the breaking up the myth in call token of Kim Joon Houng. He has launched balloons carrying copies of the movie in an attempt to deliver 10,000 DVD’s to the people of North Korea.

North Korea Interesting Facts #4North Korean Prison Camps

North Korean prison camps are yearly familiar to the death camps that took place during the Holocaust under Hitler’s leadership. The UN’s Human Rights Council established an international commission which looks into the truth up North Korea’s prison camps. A number of disturbing testimonies from former prisoners have been collected and all of them assert the idea that the labor camps are death camps. Largely resembling the ones established during World War II. Inhumane conditions prisoners are malnourished and regularly tortured starved beaten and deprived of all medication or basic necessities such as warm clothing or proper food rations. The prisoners which are largely brought in on suspicion of being against the regime or being associated with anyone who might be against it are not expected to survive for too long and the courses are disposed of by being eaten by dogs.

North Korea Interesting Facts #5 Prison Camp

If one person violates a law or is sent to a prison camp it affects their whole family. Prison camps are a popular solution for crime in North Korea. The brutality of the camps have made the notorious worldwide and are largely labeled as death camps. The prisoners are overworked and stars however what is probably the most particular thing about the North Korean is how people end up in them if you commit a political crime or are considered a revolutionary and a traitor. It is not only you who gets punished but your entire family. Three entire generations are the criminals family will be imprisoned as it is believed that the attitudes and disloyalty are carried down the bloodline.

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