north korea unknown facts

Everyone’s heard about North Korea, the isolated kingdom that hangs off the east coast of China-but did you know these North Korea unknown facts about the infamous country? Five North Korea Unknown Facts are

North Korea Unknown Facts #1: The leaf Tobacco is not considered as Drug

Tango is legal in North Korea. It is not even classified as a drug in North Korea. North Korea is known to be one of the most conservative countries with very rigid laws. That is what makes the fact that Tango is legalized. All the more surprising this is so-called leaf tobacco is not considered a drug at all and it grows freely in the country the plant can often be seen growing alongside roads. Smoking Marijuana is considered normal and catching the said while walking through town is quite usual. It is also known to be particularly popular among young soldiers in the North Korean military.

North Korea Unknown Facts #2 Hair Cuts

North Koreans may only choose from twenty-eight approved haircuts. Possibly one of the most surprising North Korean laws a ball is the one defining which hairstyles are appropriate. Officially there are only 28 hair styles which are legal in the country. Men can choose from 10 different types of short haircuts while women are free to choose from 18 styles. Married women however are to have only short hair while singles who let their hair grow out a little longer.

North Korea Unknown Facts #3 Brutality

In 2013 North Korea’s leader killed his own uncle goal by throwing him naked into a cage with 120 starving dogs. Kim Jong Hoo zongol Jiangsu today was vice chairman of the National Defense commission. Until he was considered a counter-revolutionary. After being proclaimed a traitor Jane was stripped of all his posts expelled from the Workers Party of Korea. And his image was literally erased, photos of him being removed from the official media and his presence digitally erased from all photographs with other public officials. Jim Junoon is known for his brutality and the fact that the trader was his family didn’t make his reconsider the punishment. Jamie in several his followers were stripped naked and fair to live to previously starred dogs. This brutal execution was watched by hundreds of officials.

North Korea Unknown Facts #4 Election

North Korea holds elections every five years in which the ballots list only one candidate. Although under  a dictatorship. The official name of North Korea is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In order to keep up with the illusion the name of offers, the country organizes five-year elections. Unfortunately the elections are for just one candidate. The position of the leader in hereditary but official elections are conducted offering the hereditary leader as the only candidate. Voting is consider mandatory.

North Korea Unknown Facts #5 KiJong-Dong

In the 1950s North Korea build KiJohn-Dong, a nice city visible from the border to encourage South Koreans to come over. Its actually town for the purpose of keeping up appearances. North Korea ordered the creation of KiJong-Dong. KiJong-Dong is an uninhabited village in North Korea built to look quite marvelous when viewed from the border with the blue rooster the building being the most prominent visual marker. The village looks prosperous but in reality its empty being a tool for the 1950s propaganda. The purposes is being encouragement of South Korean defection. Furthermore the intention was that are creating an image to prosperity and happiness trying to advertise that the people of North Korea are living with high living standards and in abundance. Team John Mills body is preserved in a glass tomb for anyone including outside tourists to see the North Korean government has a desire to keep its citizens from interacting with the outside world. In one of the ways to ensure this is making tourism virtually impossible. There are however several traveling agencies which are allowed to make organize tours in the North Korea but there to follow a government approved crowds in are forbidden from using their phones. One of the biggest attractions offered to Western tourists is the embalmed body of Kim Jong ill laid out in a glass coffin within a state muscly arms.

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