Examination Schedule Routine 3/4 Years Bachelor Level 1st/2nd Year-2072

examination schedule routine Tribhuvan University, controller office of examination, Balku had published the examination schedule routine of 3 years Bachelor level 1st year 2072, 4 years Bachelor level 1st year 2072, 4 years BFA 2nd Year-2072 and 4 years BFA  Bachelor level 1st Year 2072. According to the Controller Office of examination, Tribhuvan University Balku had published the examination […] Continue reading →

Trishuli River Rafting (1 up to 3 days rafting) Nepal

trishuli river rafting Trishuli river rafting is a sensational river for those groups who are searching for a short river trip, without the difficulty of huge rapids, but with some really astonishing rapids, with beautiful picturesque scenery and a quite environs. Meanwhile, there are many rapids that causes feeling of excitement and enthusiasm. Especially, Trishuli river rafting during […] Continue reading →

White River Rafting Location, Details & Price in Nepal

river rafting As you might not know the fact that Nepal is the home of eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world with unity in cultures diversity. From the Majestic Himalayas, the perennial rivers flow down cutting through the mountains and carving deep gorges on their way to the lowland plains. Many of these […] Continue reading →

Excel Shortcut Keys – All of Them

excel shortcut keys Excel Shortcut keys are very useful nowadays. Every office uses excel. Excel has been base for doing all the official work, research work and all other documental things that goes on regular basis. Most accounting system are developed in excel. If you want to improve your speed then you must know excel shortcut keys. Knowing […] Continue reading →

What to Look While Buying Second Hand Motorbike ?

buying second hand motorbike Buying second hand motorbike is not a great deal if you have some concept of mechanical things inside you. But if you don’t have then it’s always necessary to take one mechanic or someone aside so you won’t be black marketed. Buying second hand motorbike also has some great benefits. The first and foremost thing […] Continue reading →