Stupid Mistakes of Bajrangi Bhaijaan You may not Notice

bajrangi bhaijaan Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the latest movie of greatest bollywood star Salman Khan. It is taken that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is the one of the most successful movie of his carrier. More over the character “Munni” Harsali make the major role for the unbelievable presentation of the movie. Bajrangi Bhaijaan breakes almost all records of the box […] Continue reading →

History of Magazine in Nepal

magazine The history of Nepali magazine was begun with literary magazine. Sudhasagar is the first literary magazine of Nepal. Gorkhabharat jeevan is the first media publication in Nepali language but it was published from Banaras. It was a monthly magazine based on literature. It was printed in Jeevan Press, Banaras. It was owned by Ram K. […] Continue reading →

What After 12 Result

after 12 result   You may be just wondering about what to do next after 12 result.  If you are arrived here this site searching for the result then you may go to but if you are eager to know about the next step then stay here with us with your eye lid open for 10 minutes. […] Continue reading →

Best Inspiring Movies – Part 1

inspiring movies Inspiring movies don’t only pass your time wonderfully they also implant some good concept in our mind. Inspiring movies helps us move ahead in our life. We get intellectual thoughts through good inspiring movies.  Here is some list of best inspiring movies that may inspire you. These are the first list of inspiring movies; the […] Continue reading →

After 10+2 : Western Society Influences courses in Nepal

courses After 10+2 students are in dilemma to choose the course. This is the crucial stage i.e. after 10+2 in the life of students. This is the time when students has to make plans about one’s future because the course you choose determines your rest of life. You have to think about the circumstances, social status, […] Continue reading →

Professional courses available in Nepal after 10+2

professional courses Nowadays, higher education on any professional course after 10+2 has become the most popular choice to career development among the students after 10+2. After finishing 10+2 HSEB board examination, the students sustained looking after for several courses according to their interest. Grade XII passed students would like to end up in choosing the one with […] Continue reading →

Marshall London Smartphone, Special Features And Reviews

Marshall London Smartphone is the most awesome android Smartphone launched by Marshall Headphones. Marshall Smartphone is named as Marshall London Smartphone. Marshall London Smartphone may be the best choice for the music lovers in the world. Marshall London Smartphone was sold 100,000 on the launching ceremony.  Many people note that Marshall just give a great […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung Galaxy A8 Special Features And Price

Samsung Galaxy A8, made by Samsung has just launched in the market. The main feature of Samsung Galaxy A8 is lightest and thinnest Smartphone ever. With all rumors of its existence spreading for several months, Samsung Galaxy A8 is the massive display mated to extra thin body, is the slimmest Smartphone in history. Samsung Galaxy […] Continue reading →