Long Treks Nepal; Best Trekking Routes in The World

long treks nepal Long treks Nepal are the most desired type of treks in Nepal. Usually long treks Nepal takes 12+ days. There are more than 50 Long treks Nepal routes. For the real taste of Nepalese culture and natural beauty of Nepal, long treks Nepal are highly recommended. Among 50 long treks Nepal route here we listed […] Continue reading →

Popular Medium Treks Nepal

treks nepal There are many famous routes of medium treks Nepal. According to the days spent for trek they are categories as short, long and medium treks Nepal. For the medium treks it will take at around 5-12 days. Among many medium treks Nepal here we listed the famous medium treks Nepal. Medium Treks Nepal Mardi Himal […] Continue reading →

Annapurna Circuit Trekking: World’s Best Long Trek

annapurna circuit trekking Annapurna Circuit trekking is a famous trek among the world treks. It falls on the category of long trek rather than short trek and medium trek in Nepal. It covered the Annapurna mountain region of central Nepal where the total length of route is 180-250 Km which can be complete within 20-25 days depending upon […] Continue reading →

Short Treks in Nepal

short treks There are many famous short treks route in Nepal. Usually those treks which can be done within 3 days with 2 night stay are referred as short treks. Places around Pokhara valley and the Capital city Kathmandu are famous for the short treks. Those who want to taste the real Nepali culture and the Nepalese […] Continue reading →

Sentences That Can Change Your Life

sentences Sentence has a tremendous power that can change your life. Sentence can ruin somebody’s life, make somebody’s day, or change somebody’s day. So everybody have such favorite sentences that you like so much that inspired you, that motivated you, that gave the feeling to move on with new hope to obtained your dream. Fortunately, there […] Continue reading →

Trekking Route Nepal, Famous Trekking Route in Nepal

trekking route nepal Which are the famous trekking route Nepal ? Here we list the name of all available trekking route Nepal. Treks is the most popular activities done by many tourists. Nepal is most beautiful country in the world by its natural beauty and diversity. There are many worlds’ famous trekking route Nepal. There are various types […] Continue reading →

Quotes From Famous People

quotes Quotes is the aphorism of great people. People talks each other every day. But some words and sentences are always remember and some words touch our life and match our daily life which then became the quotes. Famous People are those people who inspired us with their works so their saying are remain as the […] Continue reading →

Pokhara Paragliding Price and Booking Details

paragliding Pokhara is the Capital city of beauty of Nepal. There are many more beautiful places to visit here at Pokhara as well as there are lots of adventures games in Pokhara. Among them Pokhara Paragliding  is the one of the most popular things done by the many visitors. Pokhara Paragliding is the best place for the […] Continue reading →

How Himalaya Happen ?

himalaya How Himalaya happen? Himalaya has a long history for its birth. Even though there are many doubts and contradiction about the history of Himalaya, but there are the scientific evidence about the history of it.The Himalaya is the highest and the youngest range in the world. The Himalaya occupied the area was under a deep sea. Geologists […] Continue reading →

Story About First Climbing Mount Everest

mount everest Mount Everest, the peak of the world. It is obvious that many people willing to first climbing Mount Everest. First climbing Mount Everest, as after the British explore the highest peak in the world, many groups of climbers from Britain, Swiss tried to make the record for first climbing Mount Everest. But all the attempts […] Continue reading →