Shivalaya Yoga and Meditation Center

meditation Shivalaya: Yoga and Meditation is a perfet location for Retreats and may be booked in advance. Mostly, it is sutiable for groups up to 15 people comfortably. All inclusive packages are also available and discounts for extended stay be arranged in the Shivalaya Yoga and meditation.You can join at Shivalaya Yoga and meditation and experience Nepal […] Continue reading →

Pokhara University : A Short Overview

pokhara universtiy Pokhara University was established in 1997 in the lake city of Pokhara, Kaski. Prime Minister of the Nepal is chancellor, and Minister for Education is the Pro-Chancellor of the Pokhara University. Pokhara University is a non-profit autonomous institution. Pokhara University is partially financed by the Government of Nepal and partly by the revenue raised from […] Continue reading →

Mens Room Reloaded

mens room reloaded MENS ROOM RELODED group also known as MRR, was established on 11th December 2011. Mens Room Reloaded is the facebook group which is one of the most popular groups on facebook  among the Nepalese community.  There are more than 50,000 Nepalese youths from different profession via; Engineer, Doctor, Pilot, Lecturer and so on. Moreover, Students […] Continue reading →

MERS CoV : Precautions, Sign and Symptoms

MERS CoV MERS CoV (Mers Virus ) is a bet a corona virus. MERS CoV is known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Corona virus. It is different from other corona virus that have been found in people before. According to the limited available information MERS CoV is liked to be transmitted in a similar way to other […] Continue reading →

Top 10+2 Colleges in Nepal

top 10+2 colleges Every year more than 300 thousands students cross the “Iron Gate” SLC in Nepal. Finding the top 10+2 colleges in Nepal is not the easy way task. Every year many sectors related to the academic published the 10+2 colleges in Nepal. Over the last 10 years it seems that many students enrolled the 10+2 colleges […] Continue reading →

Stop Smoking

 “Smoking kills it’s just a matter of time. Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don’t have to be! Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean” … Bob Marley. Here I’m not pointing fingers to you to stop smoking. The best thing I’ve […] Continue reading →

People Happiness :Perspectives of life

people People People aren’t against you. Actually, as you are for only for yourself, so as they are for themselves. Never ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. You got a dream, you must go to protect it. Bitter truth is when people can’t do something themselves, they tell you that you can’t […] Continue reading →

MERS Virus in south korea

mers CoV Mers virus take the 100 people life’s until now in South Korea. Mers virus affect mainly middle east part of South Korea. The government of  South Korea starts war against “mers virus“. Until now it affect 1,600 people in South Korea. It is reported that 565 people are seriously affected and other people are care taker under […] Continue reading →

Trade Structure and Trade Difficulites of Nepal

trade Nepal is one of the least developed countries of the world. The development process of country is directly affected by the trade structure of respective country. Nepal’s trade is directly affected by China and India’s policy and rules. The geographic structure is the main difficulties for import and export trade with other countries. Nepal is […] Continue reading →

Joy in Little Things in Life

joy Joy itself seems and hold magnificent relation with life.Life is a endless journey of thousands of crossroad. Every people struggle many up’s and down’s to reach the destiny, nevertheless the final one. As by nature human beings is one of the most superior living being ever exist in this world and their intention and need […] Continue reading →