English Language Learning

english English is a love some language used by majority of people in the world. Actually, any things you decide to known every things is a pretty awesome. In spite of that, learning a complete naive mother tongue is not smoothly well. We are Lucky that, English is not so hard and difficult speech. At a […] Continue reading →

Internet Impact

internet Internet and web-based information are the main source for assignment and presentation. There is risk of cut-and-paste submission from internet which ultimately impacts on learning effectiveness. The questionnaire-based study was conducted in a Pokhara University, Kaski for the impact of Internet. Total 74 students are asked about their perception of internet impact on case method of […] Continue reading →

SLC Result: Importance of Grading System

slc result The School leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations are the major concern and the most important examination among the Nepalese community. SLC result seems to be lifeline path way for the opportunity to enter into the professional career of higher secondary education for all students. It is not only popular in the students society but also among […] Continue reading →

Higher Education Nepal

higher education Higher education is known as the education at universities or similar education establishment, especially to degree level. Neither the state of existing graduates, nor the present state of enrollment is guided by market demands and the likely opportunities for entrepreneurship. Basically a student prefers higher education, business administration, humanities or science because of his/her performance […] Continue reading →

School leaving Certificate(SLC) of Nepal

slc SLC ( SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE) School leaving Certificate; abbreviated as SLC also known as “Iron Gate” to show own performance for the higher secondary school system in Nepal. The examination of SLC is taken by Office of Controller of Examinations (OCE). It was established under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education(MOE). Since 1934, the […] Continue reading →

Research About Smoking Among the YOUTHS

research   Research about the use of stuff among youths in order to find out how they start smoking this and what the consequences they will face are.  The enjoyment they can have and the problems they will face using it are also discussed. And how this stuff acts as “gateway” of other stuff for youths […] Continue reading →

Financial Development

financial development Financial development plays a vital role in the shaping up of the economy of a country. Financial development  is assumed to have a catalyst role for economic development. The performance of financial development system determines economic growth through successful channeling of resources to the productive areas, which is prerequisite for economic growth. The provision of financial services, […] Continue reading →

HIV Virion Properties and Origin in Nepal

hiv HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Type 1 and Type 2 (HIV-1 and HIVE-2 ) have been described as the etiologic agents of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS is the end stage of virus mediated protracted pathogenic process in which the immune system of an infected person and its ability to control infections or malignant progressive disorders are progressively […] Continue reading →

Some Salient Facts of Education in Nepal after Population Census 2011

education Education is the major factor of development, manifested in literacy in general and higher education in particular. Nepal resembles all the characteristics of least developed countries in the area of education as well. The Nepal Population Census 2011 result has disclosed the fact that the literacy rate of the country has increased from 54.1 percent […] Continue reading →