Research About Smoking Among the YOUTHS

research   Research about the use of stuff among youths in order to find out how they start smoking this and what the consequences they will face are.  The enjoyment they can have and the problems they will face using it are also discussed. And how this stuff acts as “gateway” of other stuff for youths […] Continue reading →

Financial Development

financial development Financial development plays a vital role in the shaping up of the economy of a country. Financial development  is assumed to have a catalyst role for economic development. The performance of financial development system determines economic growth through successful channeling of resources to the productive areas, which is prerequisite for economic growth. The provision of financial services, […] Continue reading →

HIV Virion Properties and Origin in Nepal

hiv HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Type 1 and Type 2 (HIV-1 and HIVE-2 ) have been described as the etiologic agents of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS is the end stage of virus mediated protracted pathogenic process in which the immune system of an infected person and its ability to control infections or malignant progressive disorders are progressively […] Continue reading →

Some Salient Facts of Education in Nepal after Population Census 2011

education Education is the major factor of development, manifested in literacy in general and higher education in particular. Nepal resembles all the characteristics of least developed countries in the area of education as well. The Nepal Population Census 2011 result has disclosed the fact that the literacy rate of the country has increased from 54.1 percent […] Continue reading →

International Trade Nepal

international trade International Trade has its own laws, regulations and institutions. Country regulate the conduct of international trade. But the different countries have different policy. This creates the difficulties in cross border trade. Rate of exchange , Indian’s trade policy, transit, land-lock structure and micro level difficulties are the main difficulties of International trade of Nepal. Rate Of Exchange At context […] Continue reading →

Hydroelectric Power Plant around the World: Largest Power Plant

hydroelectric power THREE GORGES DAM The Three Gorges Dam , the world’s largest hydroelectric power station of 22,500MW installed capacity and generating 98.8 TWh annually, is a hydroelectric dam located in Hubei, China. Among the 32 main generators installed, 14 are in north side, 12 in south side and 6 are underground in the mountain south of […] Continue reading →

English Language

English language English language is the international language. English language is the most popular language in the world. Worldwide there is a strong demand for technical writers. English language growth the smart ideas to write in universal communication. English language has created the globe as a village in term of globalization in the era. Over the last three decades, the […] Continue reading →

Stop! and Start! Habits For Better Life

stop Stop your some habits down below which ways to better life. Stop thinking so much and repeating the same mistakes again and again for better life. Some essential habits are listed below, if you read and follow it in your daily life. Obviously, Your better life starts which makes you feel happy and good. STOP […] Continue reading →

Electricity condition of Nepal: Past and Present

electricity Hydro electricity means electricity generated from the flowing water. It is the form of renewable electricity, mostly used in the world. More than 2000 years ago, falling water was used by Greeks. And during the Middle ages with maximum electricity power output about 50 Hp with the help of large wooden water wheels were developed. […] Continue reading →