Petroleum impurities

fbPetroleum impurities are found in black marketed petrol. As there is rise of fuel crisis in Nepal people are black marketing with addition of impurities. Petroleum impurities might damage, corrode, carbon deposition and subsequently may cause failure of engine. It is highly not recommended to buy black marketed petrol but if you do so then be very careful for petroleum impurities. Petrol can be checked through engineering method, which is discusses manually in this article.

Petroleum Impurities checking method: Follow the steps to find out if the petrol is not pure:

  1. Open the jar/container of petrol (Gasoline).
  2. Clean your hand or a place and make it dry.
  3. Take five to 10 milliliter of gasoline (Petrol) and put to that place. If you want to use your finger then just dip your dry finger in petrol for 2 seconds and pull out.
  4. Now observe the place the gasoline must evaporate very quickly. In case of your finger you must feel chilled when the petrol evaporates.
  5. If the petrol evaporates very quickly leaving the place/finger dry and spotless then its conformed that the gasoline is pure. But if the gasoline leaves the surface/finger wet and dirt then the petrol is mixed up with something.
  6. You can also check petrol’s purity through its color. The color should be yellowish tint and must be very clear with transparent look.
  7. The evaporitic character of petrol is because it is highly volatile.

freecallThe type of additives generally called petroleum impurities during black marketing are:

  1. Diesel – Soluble with petrol and harshly effects the petrol engine.
  2. Paint Thinner – Soluble and can damage the petrol engine.
  3. Water – Water is not soluble in Petrol hence you can know it through observing with eyes.
  4. Alcohol – Soluble in petrol adding methanol might increase some efficiency in combustion if added in exact proportion. But huge addition surely damages the engine parts

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