Police Report

Police report is just a piece of report if you are not a criminal but if you are one of them you may not dare to get one. Police report depicts the discipline of people. Nowadays to travel from one country to another embassies ask for police report. A person with bad criminal record may never get chance to travel from one country to another in legitimate way. In Nepal most of youths are going abroad to get job, to earn living and get settled there. Almost everyone needs police report so they may be announced clearance from any criminal activities. Here in this page you will be guided to get your police report.

In Nepal, police reports are only issued from the central police department, which lies attached to Ranipokhari, Kathmandu. If you are from Kathmandu then its okay but if you are not and want your police report then be prepared to go Kathmandu for at least 3 days.

The things you need to carry while making police report:
  1. Your Original Passport
  2. Your Original Citizenship
  3. Photocopies of the above listed documents
  4. (Postal Ticket) Hulak ticket of Rs 10
  5. (Two) 2 Recent Passport size photo

When you go to Central Police Office you must fill a form. A form where you must fill your father’s, grandfathers name they will also ask for the needful purpose of the report to you. You must specify which country you want to go. After filling the form you have to get in line with other people so you can get authorization of your copied documents. The documents must be verified as a true copy. At the time of verification you must show your original documents.

After the verification you will be allowed to go another section where you will pay little amount of money (Previously it was 15 rupees). Then from There you will be given a piece of paper and registration number. There with the registration number you can get the time at which your document will be available. Generally they give you the report within 2-3 days. Now go in the specified date on specified time to get your police report.