Popular Nepathya Songs Forever Since 1990 AD

Nepathya is the earthiest Nepali Band. Nepathya Muscial Band was formed in 1990 by 3 members only. Since then, 21 musicians has come and go. During this period, lead vocalist Amrit Gurung and the Nepathya popularity grow up within Nepal. Until now, Nepathya had brought 10 albums in Nepalese society. Almost all the songs of the Nepathya are famous and popular to Nepalese. Nepathya is best known for its blending of folk melodies into new, youth-friendly pop and rock tune. Since its inception, Nepathya has gained consisted popularity and recognition and is one of the most talented band in Nepal. Nepathya’s songs usually portray contemporary Nepal.

Nepathya’s songs are especially folk-rock genre. And sure they are motivational and inspirational too. Here we have listed all time famous Popular Nepathya songs. We have listed this Popular Nepathya songs from the research on songs played in Nepalese FM, Nepalese TV and Youtube. If you think some songs should be added in Popular Nepathya Songs, you can say through comments below. You can find this Popular Nepathya Songs by searching in YouTube.

Here the list of Popular Nepathya Songs:

Nepathya Songs #1 ::   Chari Maryo

Nepathya Songs #2.   Rangeen Chara

Nepathya Songs #3.  Yo jindagani

Nepathya Songs #4.   Maya Garnay Bani

Nepathya Songs #5.   Bheda Ko Oon Jasto

Nepathya Songs #6.   Aama

Nepathya Songs #7.   Sano Kura

Nepathya Songs #8.   Kasaile Sodhe

Nepathya Songs #9.   Panni tiretiere

Nepathya Songs #10. Palla Gharka

Nepathya Songs #11. Sa Karnali

Nepathya Songs #12. Siran Ma Photo Cha

Nepathya Songs #13. Taal Ko Pani

Nepathya Songs #14. Ukali Orali

Nepathya Songs #15. Jogale Huncha Bheta

Nepathya Songs #16. Aagani Bhari

Nepathya Songs #17.  Binti Cha Mero

Nepathya Songs #18. Ghar Ko kura

Nepathya Songs #19. Lajaune Mayalu

Nepathya Songs #20. Jomsomai Bajarma

Nepathya Songs #21. Mai Nache Chamchami

Nepathya Songs #22. Maya Garne Bani

Nepathya Songs #23. Laam Pate Surati

Nepathya Songs #24. Himal Chuchure

Nepathya Songs #25. Resham Remix

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