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The Korean Peninsula might be one of the most incongruous areas in the world. At one end lies the impoverished, censored, terrifying Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. On the other hand end is the wealthy, hyper-successful, Westernized nation of South Korea. Of course, by comparison, South Korea obviously comes out on top, but we wanted to see how Powerful South Korea ranks with the rest of the world. So, how powerful is South Korea?

Powerful South Korea

also known as the “Republic of Korea” is about 38 and half thousand square miles, which is actually surprisingly small. They’re rank about 109th in the world for area. Within this relatively small area live about 49 million people, putting them about 17 rd in the world for population density.

On the Human Development Index, South Korea beats out Japan as a result of their ultra-high standard of living, level of income, education standards, and quality of healthcare. In the 1960’s their GDP was roughly the same as that of many poor African i.e. $3.9 billion. Today they are the 14th largest economy in the world, with a GDP of 1.3 trillion dollars.

Powerful South Korea managed through unparalleled growth during the second half of the 20th century, in a period called “the Miracle on the Han River”. Since then, they’ve invested in high tech “Chaebols” or conglomerate companies to further strengthen their economy.

One of the largest cell phone manufactures on earth, Samsung, is located in powerful South Korea, along with shipping giant Hyundai, and electronics producer, LG. The demand for South Korea’s yield has made them the 6th largest exporter overall.

Powerful South Korea, why ?, because of focus on tech that South Korea boasts the world’s fastest internet speeds. However, all this rapid industrialization also means that South Korea is one of the worst carbon emissions polluters.

Powerful South Korea has the 7th most powerful military in the world, and is the smallest country within the top ten list. 1. United States 2. Russia 3. China 4. India 5. United Kingdom 6. France 7. South Korea 8. Germany 9. Japan 10. Turkey. South Korea uses its manufacturing and technology prowess to produce highly advanced weaponry to complement their existing US and EU made tech.

Additionally, the Republic of Korea has a strong military partnership with the US’s even stronger military, in what is known as the ROK-US Alliance. One of Korea’s biggest reasons for having such a powerful military is their neighbor to the North. North Korea has a long standing habit of attempting to provoke Powerful South Korea, and the two still maintain a heavily militarized border known as the DMZ.

Well, considering that Korea dominates most of the world in terms of standard of living, economy, military, education, healthcare and technology, there is no question that the Republic of Korea is surprisingly, and undeniably, super powerful South Korea.

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