premier league

Premier league is the best football league played in this earth. All the top star player’s faces are involved. The new season of 2015/2016 has just started. Along with premier league we have Bundesliga, La-Liga and other leagues of different country starting their season in their own way. There are a lot of changes at this moment in premier league.

Below are the Starting Fixtures of Premier League:

Fixtures of Premier league on August 8, 2015, Saturday (Time GMT Nepal)

  1. Manchester United VS   Tottenham -5:30 PM
  2. Bournemouth VS Aston Villa – 7:45 PM
  3. Norwich City VS Crystal Palace – 7:45 PM
  4. Everton VS Watford -7:45 PM
  5. Leichester City VS Sunderland – 7:45 PM
  6. Chelsea VS Swansea City-10:15 PM

Fixtures of Premier League on August 9, 2015, Sunday (Time GMT Nepal)

  1. Arsenal VS Westham-6:15 PM
  2. New Castle VS Southhampton-6:15 PM
  3. Stroke city VS Liverpool-8:45 PM

Fixtures of premier league on August 11, 2015, Sunday (Time GMT Nepal)

  1. West Brom VS Man City-12:45 AM

As there are lots of players in and out through this window there can be drastic changes in game of the clubs. This season’s title contender will be Chelsea (Previous champion), Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Manchester United also has a succesfull transfer market with following events

Players IN

  1. Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern
  2. Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton

Players Out

  1. Robin van Persie to Fenerbahce
  2. Nani to Fenerbahce
  3. Angel Di Maria to Paris st G.

Manchester city Market was successful with following events

Players In

  1. Raheem Sterling from Liverpool

Players Out

  1. Albero Negredo to Celta Vigo

Chelsea’s Transfer Market was not at more heat this season with following major events

Players In

  1. Asmir Begovic from Stroke City

Players Out

  1. Petr Czec to Arsenal
  2. Didier Drogba to Montreal Impact

Liverpool’s transfer market went well this season with following major happenings

Players In

  1. Nathaniel Clyne From Southampton
  2. Christian Benteke from Aston Villa

Players Out

  1. Steven Gerrard to Los Angeles
  2. Raheem Sterling to Manchester City
  3. Glen Johnson to Stroke
  4. Iago Aspas to Celta

Arsenal has following major event in transfer market

Players IN

  1. Peter Czec from Chelsea

Players Out

  1. Lukas Podolski to Galatasaray