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Monsoon Days are ON. No one can predict when rain occurs. It might fall any time and any where. And if we are outside for instance while riding or walking around, one thing we must really be careful about is our  “mobile phone”. As it might contain important data including contact numbers, messages and YES our favorite pictures too ;). So its important to protect mobile phone.

Tips to protect mobile phone from virus

Therefore, here are few tips that might help you to enjoy monsoon without affecting your mobile phones:

Wrap plastic to protect mobile phone 

While raining, all your cloth or bag might get wet and if your mobile is still in your pocket and obviously it get wet too. So in order to prevent that, you can just wrap it around by a plastic bag. If you are riding or walking around, it is always better to use safe pocket, probably inside your jacket, raincoat or waterproof bag.

Use Waterproof Mobile Cover to protect mobile phone

Instead of using simple plastic bag, you may prefer waterproof cases or cover to protect mobile phone. As it might be useful while working at rain.

Switch off Mobile if it get Wet.

Accidentally, if mobile gets wet, then don’t switch it ON immediately. Instead, take out battery as soon as you can, so that you may take it nearby mobile repairing shop to dry it. Never use the hair drier to heat it. Instead, you can use silica gel to absorb the moister of mobile.

Avoid Charging

If you try to charge your wet phone, it may get damaged and there is very high probability to get blast. So, before charging your mobile you should be careful whether it is wet or dry because sometimes short circuit might occur.

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