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Purchasing new motorbike is another best option to do if you don’t have enough money to buy a second hand car. While purchasing new motorbike there are also few things there must be considered or you may go in loss. If you have enough money to spend blindly then this article is not really meant for you but if you do want to invest your money totally in safe way while purchasing new motorbike then put your eyes right on the words of this article. For a person while purchasing new motorbike looks only doesn’t matter, it’s true we need good looking new bike. For example you buy a motorbike which is really available at Canada and you want it to ride it permanently in India. Now the major problem which you are going to face is the spare parts problem. You need the same level of technician to repair your motorbike so service problem also occurs. That is why there are certain things that must be considered while purchasing a new bike.

The following things you must consider while Purchasing new motorbike.

1: Warranty Availability:

You must really look at the warranty period while purchasing a new motorbike. More warranty period in engine and batteries means more security. Within warranty coverage period you must follow the brand’s process though. A longer period warranty always improves the resale value of your bike.

2: Spare Parts Availability:

There are various brands of bikes available in market with best designs but the spare parts may not be available. Suppose your clutch plate got worn out now how will you get the new one if dealer doesn’t have it? So it’s mandatory that dealer or the seller must be equipped with parts.

3: Don’t Buy Bikes Which are Stopped in Manufacturing:

This issue is related to spare parts availability. If you buy new motorbike which has already been stopped in manufacturing or is going to be stopped then in future there will be parts problem again.

4: Resale Value:

The resale value always helps you recover your investment so before purchasing a new motor bike always check for the resale value.

5: Awards for Bike:

If you are about to choose one then it’s always better to choose an awarded bike among other. Awarded bikes are technically judged well among other.

6: Maintenance Cost:

Check for the regular maintenance of the bike. If the bike has high maintenance cost then it may hampers your saving. So its good idea to set maintenance cost.

7: Looks:

After all the above you can really look the looks of bike. Otherwise beautiful thing will be hard to maintain.

Besides these aspects you can really look other things like engine power, total fuel capacity, the cooling systems, tyres brand during assemble, design, handle bars, type of mirrors, handle locks, handling, turning.

If you need some help technically then we are here with you. Comment your idea we will recommend you.

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