The most widely used of the world’s largest social networking site Facebook and the number of monthly active users has exceeded one and a half billion of people. One billion people have open the Facebook per day. Facebook has become the close friend of our so, we shared almost all the things of our life with it. We shared our emotion, location, feeling, plan, knowledge, information, and data including the stock of things with our friends and family on Facebook which are connected with Facebook. And, to stay in contact with the connection of Facebook has become easier through Mobile apps as the result we are hanged with its most of the time.
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Facebook has beneficial things and positive aspects too. But, Facebook has already become addicted to many users that there are some negative impacts that’s arise problems. As a result we must think once before we login to Facebook. Due to the some negative impacts of Facebook, it’s better to stop login in Facebook. Here we listed six reasons, why people should quit Facebook.

Quite Facebook Reason #1 Facebook is wasting your time:

According to a survey for 10 years, one man who had been actively using the Facebook for 10 years has spent his 40 days of his life in the Facebook. Even in the normal Facebook users spent their 17 minutes in a day. And from the research it can be concluded that one hour in Facebook per day spent more days in a year in like, comment and doing other stuff in the Facebook.

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Quite Facebook Reason #2 Facebook advertising:

Facebook show advertise in your timeline according to your personal detail in Facebook profile and your like and comment. And in this sense, Facebook is using your habits and personal information for the commercial uses and for the profit.

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Quite Facebook Reason #3 Facebook are harmful for Health:

According to the various survey, excessive use of Facebook influence your immune system. It prevent the growth of hormones and thinking capacity. It kills the creativity within you and even impact in digestion system. In addition, excessive use of the Facebook may create problem in your eyes and affect your sleep at night and happiness of your life.

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Quite Facebook Reason #4 Friendship with strangers:

According to study, average Facebook users has 338 Facebook friends. Among which 10 % of them are strangers. Since, this unknown friends kills your time and spend time to talk with such people.

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Quite Facebook Reason #5 Reason for Stress factor:

According to psychologist, stress and desperation are growing because of Facebook. If you unfriend your friend because of some problem and see the status, comments then you feel bad. That’s means you are frustrated by the Facebook.

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Quite Facebook Reason #6 Facebook discourage:

The study show, due to excessive use of Facebook, frustration, desperation and even increase the laziness. Facebook posts from friends persistently and the comments and likes in the photo makes you irritate as a result discouraged you.

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