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Here we listed 15 reasons to visit Nepal before you die. Nepal is the small land lock country lies on South Asia in between China and India. Even though Nepal is small country here are lots of beautiful things that the worlds can’t believe. Now check the 15 reasons to visit Nepal once before you die.

Why to Visit Nepal Before You Die?

1.Nepal is the Heavenly Country in the World:visit nepal

As Nepal is very rich in beautiful places and full of mountain range with green forest, Nepal is the heavenly country in the world. Pokhara the King city in the world, Kathmandu Valley, Dharan, Ilam, Chitwan and many more places which make you crazy for being in Nepal. There are more than 200 lakes and 80 ever flowing river. Read Unknown Facts of Nepal.

2.The Worlds Friendliest People Ever Exist:visit nepal

Nepalese people treat the Guest as god and this is the traditional and ever existing culture of the Nepalese people. Everywhere you can taste the Nepal with respect. Thus it is safe to visit Nepal.

3.Best Stunning Trekking Routes:visit nepal

In Nepal there are more than 180 trekking routes of short, medium and long. Annapurna Base Camp trek, Mount Everest Base Camp trek, Ghandruk Poon Hill treks and many more trekking routes are awaited you here to visit Nepal. Find out: Treks in Nepal, Short Treks in Nepal, Medium Treks in Nepal and Long Treks in Nepal.

4.Natural Bungee Jump are Available Here:visit nepal

There are several Natural Bungee jump available in Nepal. Bhote-Koshi is the main spot for Bungee Jump in Nepal. Also, Visit Pokhara for Bungee Jump with the full of safety precaution.

5. Adventurous Journey:visit nepal

Nepal offers an world most adventurous routes and tracks for the visitor. Upper Mustang Throngla-Pass, Mount Everest Base Camp routes and Kala Patthar hiking are really awaited for the one who deserves to adventure in Life and visit Nepal. Read Adventurous Journey in Annapurna Circuit Trekking: World’s Best Long Trek.

6. Affordable Fooding and Accommodation:visit nepal

Nepal offers you with the reasonable price fooding and accommodation. As Nepal is developing country you can stay and visit Nepal in fewer prices than other touristic countries.

7. Lord Gautam Buddha Birth Place in Nepal:visit nepal

Nepal is the motherland of many more worlds’ respected person. Lord Gautam Buddha was also born in Nepal. You can visit the Lumbini for more information about Lord Buddha. There are many historical structures and even the birth room of Lord Buddha is still there. Lets visit Nepal.

8.The World’s Highest Peak ‘Mount Everest:visit nepal

The world’s highest peak Mount Everest lies on Nepal. Nowadays Sky diving from the Mount Everest is available for the interested visitors from where you can fly over the world’s highest peak as like bird.Lets visit Nepal.

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9. Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley:visit pokhara

As we already mentioned Pokhara is the King city in the world, Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal and is the city of temple. In Kathmandu you can find more than 300 temples in a small city.Lets visit Nepal.

10. Why no Paragliding,Ultralight Flight, Jeep Flier and Rafting ?visit nepal

Nepal is the world’s best place for paragliding where you can fly over the sky with the real taste of Natural Beauties. Nepal offers many Mountain flights for those who can’t climb the mountain but wish to go over it. There are many ever flowing white water rivers in Nepal where you can make the rafting  in least price and enjoy a lot. For Tandem Paragliding, Ultralight Flight, Bungee Jump and Jeep Flier you can visit Pokhara.

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11. 7 UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites:

There are 7 listed World’s heritage sites in Nepal all around the country with lots of historical importance where you can find the originality of Nepalese.

12. Living God “KUMARI” Exist in Nepal Only:visit nepal

The most amazing aspect of Nepal is it is the only country in the world where until now living God exists. “Kumari” are the living God exist in Nepal.

13. Mountain Riding:

Nepal offers many more routes for riding in the high mountain region. Yearly here is the mountain riding competition on the world’s high altitude.

14. Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan National park is the ornament of Nepal where you can travel inside the park in elephant. You can stay inside the park full of security precaution also. Every year in Nepal there is the elephant polo competition which is the one of the most sophisticated game in world.

Visit Sauraha:

15. World’s Greatest Temple of Hindu “Pashupati”:visit nepal

The world’s greatest temple of Hindu “Pashupati-Nath” temple lies on Nepal. Which hold the most historical and valuable meaning. Every year millions of people come to visit Nepal to reach one time at Pashupati.

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