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Company plans to incorporate the recently acquired Viv Platform into its phones, home appliances and wearable devices, Reuters reports.

Looks like Samsung’s betting big on its AI assistant for next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 AI

Samsung is working on a Siri of their own. If the mobile hardware has reached its limit in so far as innovation and advancements are concerned, it makes sense that the next frontier will be the mobile experience. By this, I mean that mobile manufactures, I think, will want to rely on the application store less for advancements, and try to control or at least better manage the way in which their platforms are exposed. A good example is the uptake of the AI assistant battle that is brewing between Apple’s Siri, Google’s assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. A new player is making noises with their own AI assistant, Samsung. There are noises that their S8 launch will feature Samsung’s own contribution. So look for better responsive assistants that will better integrate with others applications and services. So all in all, the Samsung AI and its inclusion in the Samsung S8 is speculation within the circles may very well be on the money, certainly makes us believe that the development strategy of the main phone companies will be in the AI interaction arena.

Not to be outdone by Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or any of the other Silicon Valley software giant with machine learning-powered assistants, Samsun is reportedly readying machine intelligence of its own.

On Sunday, Samsung announced it would include a new AI assistant with its forthcoming Galaxy S8, and that it would combine conversational language and integration with third party services to perform tasks, dictate messages and respond to queries on demand. And now, it appears to have a name: Bixby.

Samsung filed a trademark in South Korea for “Bixby” in October, for a ‘computer software for personal information management’ – more specifically, “computer application software for smart phones, mobile telephones, portable computers and tablet computer… used to operate voice recognition system and hands free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition.

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