Sauraha Chitwan is the one of the famous touristic place in Nepal. It is located very close to Rapti River and Chitwan National Park. Sauraha is the eastern entering point to the Chitwan National Park. In the beginning Sauraha was the small village. Afterward the establishment of the Chitwan National Park, Sauraha becomes the one of the most famous touristic place in Nepal. Sauraha is Very famous for the glimpse of Sun Rise and Sun Set in Nepal.

There are more than 100s of hotels, restaurant and lodges including 5-10 resorts. The most special characteristics feature of the Sauraha is that you can find intermix of the different culture people living together in a peaceful environment. As we already mentioned Sauraha is very famous for glimpse of Sun rise and Sun set, moreover the Chitwan National Park added it’s another beauty. The only place to see the cultural programmes of Tharu (Typical Nepali ethnic group indigenous to Terai) is Sauraha.

How Can I Reach Sauraha?

  • By Flight:

It has excellent access of road as well as flight. Bharatpur airport is just 15 Km far from Sauraha. You can have the flight to Bharatpur from “Kathmandu International airport”-Kathmandu and also from “Pokhara airport” – Pokhara. Afterward you can find the jeep, taxi or even bus from the Bharatpur airport upto there.

  • By Bus:
  1. From Kathmandu: You can find the two types of bus service from Kathmandu to Sauraha. The first one is cheaper which moves to Birgunj from Kathmandu, this bus will drop you at Tadi Bazar only 4 Km far. From Tandi Bazar you can find local bus, taxi, rickshaws and pony carts up to there. Another type bus service is Tourist bus with air-condition. You can find Greenline, BlueSky, BenzMark and many more Tourist Travel Bus services from Kathmandu to direct Sauraha. They will take 5 hours to drop Sauraha.
  2. From Pokhara: From Pokhara you can have travel through Tourist Bus Service up to Muglin. From Muglin you can catch the bus service from Kathmandu to Sauraha.