sauraha trip

What thing can we do at Sauraha trip? Why we should visit Sauraha? What are the special features of Sauraha trip? As we mentioned that Sauraha is the one of the most touristic place in Nepal. You can make your Sauraha trip as memorable trip of your life. Even though Sauraha is small place there are varieties of things you can experience in Sauraha.

Things to Do In Sauraha Trip

  • Sun Rise And Sun Set:

Sauraha is the best place to glimpse Sun rise and Sun set in Nepal. In the morning you fell as like Sun is coming from the edge of the Rapti river and during Sun set you feel like you can catch the red ball over the horizon of the Chitwan National Park.

  • Tharu Community Home Stay:

In the Sauraha trip you can find the small community of Tharu (ethnic group nearby Terai region). Tharu culture is the unique cultural people in Nepal. You can stay in Tharu community. Now Tharu community is the model of eco-tourism in Nepal.

  • Tharu Cultural Programme:

Tharu community offers different cultural programme in Sauraha every day. Stick dance and group dance with Tharu is the most impressive aspect of their cultural programme. You can find the typical musical instruments there. So it is another ornament of your Sauraha trip.

  • Chitwan National Park Trip:

Chitwan National Park is the most important aspect of Sauraha trip. There you can visit Chitwan National Park on foot with the help of the professional guide or you can make trip in jeep safari. Elephant safari is the most special trip inside the Chitwan National Park; there you can travel the whole Park with elephant. Another special feature is that if you wish to stay night inside the Park, you can have the accommodation inside Park.

  • Camel Safari:

Sauraha trip offers Camel Safari in cheap and reasonable price.

  • Elephant Breeding Centre:

Elephant breeding centre lies inside the Chitwan National Park which is only breeding centre of elephant in Nepal.

  • Crocodile Breeding Centre:

There is also Crocodile Breeding Centre inside the Chitwan National Park, which may be the memorable experience during your Sauraha trip.

So why not to visit Sauraha??