Today’s century almost all have one mobile phones. Mostly, mobile users have Android Phones, iPhone and other devices. Unfortunately all mobile phones have the same problem: THE BATTERY. This is the key problem of Mobile Company from the early days. As the result, mobile users were annoyed from the battery problem. As they have to charge most of the time. The battery problem is bigger for the smart phone rather than other simple phone. So further research should be done and it’s going on to solve this problems.

Samsung brings the wireless charger which makes easy to charge and many others Manufacture Company invented the solar cells attached to mobile phones which charged direct from sunlight. These could greatly help to increase the efficiency of battery of device, but such technologies are costly.

Tips :: How to Save Battery Life in Android and iPhone

♥ Turn off Wifi ♥

Always remember to turn off the Wifi when you are not using internet. If possible use 3G Networks and change your networks to 2G if you don’t need an internet connection.

♥ Turn off Bluetooth ♥

After transferring your data, always turn off Bluetooth it consume little energy which helps to increase your battery life.

♥ Auto Brightness ♥

As Screen is the one of the major cause for battery killer. So, set the screen to AUTO BRIGHTNESS.

♥ Turn off Your GPS ♥

When you launch an apps then GPS will start running and consume battery as it find out the location. In idle mode GPS doesn’t work.

♥ Battery extension ♥

This increase the battery life and its available in iPhone sets.

♥ Airplane Mode ♥

At low coverage areas, it is better to use Airplane mode because phone have to searches for a network as a result it consume more battery.
♥ Turn off the Equalizer ♥

If you are the fan of music and listen frequently by setting the Equalizer. This consumes power because the phone is trying to give off more bass or treble instead of the flat sound.

 ♥ Quit Background Apps ♥

When you open the apps and doesn’t close it then it consumes more power as the result your battery will low in short period of time. So, close those apps and you will see an immediate effect on your battery.

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