saving fuel

Saving fuel equals save money but sometime saving fuel does mean exit of crisis. Fuel crisis is imminent one day. We can either lengthen the time by saving fuel or we must find a permanent alternative solution. Lengthening the by saving fuel is possible only with the support of this concept by massive population. Nowadays a person who doesn’t hold a driving license and doesn’t have knowledge of computer is a person without legs and eyes. If we need our legs for us then we should be able to preserve them too i.e. to keep on holding advantage of modern developed advantages we must move toward saving fuel plus research on finding permanent solution toward the alternative energy source.

During the shortage of fuel especially vehicular fuel saving may help you run for more than the expected days. Petrol and Diesel engine vehicle can preserve their vehicle’s fuel by following ways. The following ways are specially need to take care while driving the engine and its sure it helps you go farther than previous mileage. In other ways the following are the best way to increase the mileage of your engine.

Saving fuel tactics that helps you increase in mileage

Steady Drive:
As you apply the brake of your vehicle the energy that is created by engine is neutralized by the resistive force that you apply. That means giving fuel to engine is creating the energy and applying brakes will waste that creation. The thing we must understand is if we logically read the situation and drive carefully such that we don’t have to apply brakes often then we are saving the fuel.

Decrease the idle speed (decrease the race):
The speed of engine is counted in RPM. It means Revolution Per Minute. For every revolution of engine there is burning of fuel. The more speed is engine running means more fuel is burning. In every engine there some point where we can set its idle speed. The idle speed can be lowered which decreases the fuel consumption during idle condition.

Change/clean air filter:
Fuel needs air for combustion. It is necessary that fuel gets its stiochiometric amount of air from environment. If fuel doesn’t gets enough air then the combustion won’t be complete resulting loss of fuel through exhaust. Every vehicle has air filter, they can be cleaned or replaced as per situation. The air filter should be clean enough to deliver the required amount of air inside the engine for fuel combustion. So taking care of air filter certainly helps saving fuel.

Check/clean/change spark plugs in petrol engines:
Petrol engines are Spark Ignition engines. These engines are ignited by spark from a plug called spark plugs. Long use of same plug may deposit carbon in its sparking zone which degrades the spark quantity and quality. Cleaning the black carbon deposition or changing new plug sufficiently helps you increasing mileage of your vehicle.

Run pulling clutch at downward steep road:

It is highly not recommended to go in neutral and then drive instead what we should do is put the vehicle in some gear and take clutch and turn off the starter switch. This helps running your bike without need of any fuel and the control will not be hard. For easy after the engine stops you can turn the starter switch on but don’t start the engine you can start by the motion of vehicle also. The engine’s cranking speed may be obtained from the inertia of your vehicle.