School leaving Certificate; abbreviated as SLC also known as “Iron Gate” to show own performance for the higher secondary school system in Nepal. The examination of SLC is taken by Office of Controller of Examinations (OCE). It was established under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education(MOE). Since 1934, the examination system for SLC is continued until now. More than 300 thousands of student take the examination yearly.

The SLC board is of committee 9 members who takes SLC examination where MOE chair person is the secretary. And, rest are Joint Secretary from Higher Education and Educational Management Division, Director General of Department of Education, One Regional Education Director nominated by MOE, controller of OCE of Tribhuwan University, Controller of Higher Secondary Education Board, Executive Director of Curriculum Development Center, an Educationist nominated by MOE and controller of OCE of Ministry of Education.

As we have already termed SLC as “Iron Gate”. It is the most important part of every student which is the doors for opportunity to higher secondary education. The score of the examination obtained by the students determine the programs. They will choose for the higher education studies and so scores determined mostly. That’s why, students must obtained relatively high marks for the science stream and other technical courses offered by the educational institution for the higher level education.

SLC exam has the 32% least percentage to pass the exam for further study. Students obtained more than 32% and less than 45 % fall in the category of third division. And, who secured 45% to 59% fall in Second division. Similarly, who get 60% to 79% fall in First division category and who scored more than 80% are categorized as the distinction list. The full marks of SLC is 800 where each subject holds 100 marks. There are Six compulsory subjects via: English; Nepali; Mathematics;  Science;  Social Studies; Health, Population and Environment. The remaining two optional subjects can choose by the students.

Thus, SLC determines the life of the students towards the professionalism and catalyst for the development of Nation.