slc result
slc results
slc results

The School leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations are the major concern and the most important examination among the Nepalese community. SLC result seems to be lifeline path way for the opportunity to enter into the professional career of higher secondary education for all students. It is not only popular in the students society but also among the parents. Moreover, the result of SLC examination also indicates  the quality of education in Nepal. Iron Gate(SLC) is also equally important from the perspective of government. Thus SLC examination is the first step to enhance the quality of education in Nepal.


Even though, SLC examinations is popular to our community but the result is not satisfactory. The increment of the public and private school make the expansion on the number of students every year but the pass percentage of students remains at thirties and forties in recent year. According to OCE in the year 2041 BS, 33428 students take the examination where slc result pass percentage is 28.60 %. In 2045 BS,  among 50495 students only 33.92 % passed and in 2050 BS only 31.49 % passed where 77465 gave the exam. The number of students who takes SLC is in increasing order with the pass percentage remains constant every year. Every year we heard news that the slc result completion with pass division students are comparatively below 50 %. On the another hand, in comparison to pass percentage, 85% are of private school and merely 38% are of public school.

Analyzing the history of the SLC results, we can simply guess that the performance of students was pretty bad. In compare with other Asian countries the results of SLC is the worst. One of the experienced teacher of School assert that the problem is how the SLC board takes the exam. According to him, due to the lack of technical quality of the examination, the scoring system by the different examiners and administration of the examiners  are the main problems for the high failure rate of SLC results.

In the present context OCE is going to change the slc result system. They categorized the slc resul for the examination appear students in different groups as per the mark obtained by the students rather than the percentage basis. This way of marking obviously charge the educational system in Nepal but at the same time every responsible person must be aware to enhance the quality of education system in Nepal.In the context context of the slc result 2072 goodluck to everyone and find your result with division and also marksheet in our website.