Research about the use of stuff among youths in order to find out how they start smoking this and what the consequences they will face are.  The enjoyment they can have and the problems they will face using it are also discussed. And how this stuff acts as “gateway” of other stuff for youths is also taken in account.

This stuff is a soft hallucinating drug. The plants of this stuff contain psychoactive and physiologically active compounds known as Cannalbinoids. Cannalbinoids are majorly located in flower of the plant. Research found this stuff was first started in china then spread all over world before 500 A.D. At the time of world war (second) this was heavily cultivated to get fiber. Later its uses were increased as drug for different purposes like labor pains, nausea and rheumatism. This increased later for recreational purpose by Beat generation and then by hippies and finally it’s all over world now.


In research a questionnaire was done on the date 20 may 2010, I started asking about how they first started smoking among my colleagues and seniors. I took 5 of my colleges response and 5 ofResearch the seniors. Three of my colleagues stated they started automatically, as I further research about in on internet and found that they were lead to smoking ha due to the curiosity. Then one friend explained that I had started smoking since eleventh grade. He added I was in a friends circle where everyone used to smoke. Similarly, next friend explained that he started smoking after coming Kathmandu University. He also added I have no reason to start smoking I smoke that’s the thing I only know.

In my research two of my seniors explained like they have done a great thing by. They explained it happens with age.  The behavior of acting hero made them smoking regularly. Similarly one seniors explained that where there are friends we usually smoke, he also added this stuff is the most recreational things that I have seen. Similarly, other two added that we are friend and we do everything in group and almost every boy of here smokes and then what is odd in doing so.

Research shows the use of Stuff is found to be started mostly in later teen age. The first cause to smoke is simply the curiosity. A lot of rumors make them think about the drugs. Among friends the funny acts during the use will be famous and that makes other youths to think for the fun in use of it. Youths also take smoking as a fashion. They develop the thought like smoking this stuffs makes people cool in nature and also to impress their friends. When somebody asks his friend to smoke it and if denies then a psychological pressure would be held like afraid baby and this act is also called peer pressure. Inside friends circle no one wants to be odd so to pretend not to be odd teenagers start using them. The other reason is to decrease pressure of reality. Sometime, they don’t get happy with themselves and sometimes with family, which leads them to a depression and start relaxing by the use of drugs. Reasons are different but the matter of fact is Stuff is soft medicine which can be found easily around the places like college, university and recreational places. And this availability makes youth in use of it. Thus, many youth knowingly and unknowingly start smoking. Slowly they gets addicted on it and simply start taking new taste. This is how smoking is the doorway to the abuse of drugs.

More and more youths are likely to be drown in the lake of drugs. Friend circle, curiosity, depression and other factors are forcing them to use Stuff.  As these are doorway for other highly addictive and highly effective drugs, the youths must be saved firstly from smoking.