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Software download is done by everyone around globe. In Nepal we have found one of the fastest software download technique from which you can download the listed software on the speed of around 10 mbps. This method is faster because you are technically downloading the software from server of Nepal and Nepali website. We have been continuously doing most of the needed software download from this page.

Software download can be done in high speed if you follow this step.
  1. Go to
  2. Move your cursor/pointer around the support option.
  3. There in the dropdown there is Software download option.
  4. Now you can see the listed software sections. There are antispyware, antivirus, audio and video tools, cd and dvd tools, Drivers and firmwares, email softwares, messagngers, security tools, reader, utilities, virus definition, download accelerators and many more that you may need.
  5. Well choose your section, find your software and download it fast.

Well enjoy !!!!!!!

If you want to download cracked version of the software then they are mostly available in torrent. Software download through torrent is as easy as from browser. Follow the following steps to download software from torrent.

  1. Download torrent application , install it
  2. Go to torrent sites or search the software or anything in google and put an additional word torrent there.
  3. We recommend (the best torrent site of all)
  4. Then find torrent file and open that torrent file with the torrent application.
  5. Now download will start.

In torrent you can not only do software download. You can download latest music, google android apps, latest games, movies, series, xxx, photos, documentary and all the things you may need.

There are other various ways through which you can get anything free. We will be discussing them on next topic.

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