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Sony’s Latest 4k HDR Ultra HD Televisions Review

Progress is powered by capitalism. Moore’s Law, The Singularity… They are all powered by the almighty dollar and funded by such. There is a limit to which research and money can take us. So, that being said; There may be a purpose to releasing multiple versions of technology incrementally. Fund research all while keeping the company a float. Yes, Sony, Intel, IBM can invest tons of capital into future tech research, but that isn’t always the most economical way of doing things. Sony revealed 4K HDR Ultra HD Televisions. Meanwhile, companies are already hard at working producing 8K televisions.

Sony’s Latest 4K HDR TVs are now up for pre-order

SONY Electronics Company Introduces 4K HDR Ultra HD Televisions. The high-end televisions, which come with Android TV, became available for preorder Tuesday. The TVs start at $2,4999.99 for the 55-inch X8508D Model. Sony revealed the pricing and ship dates of its latest 4K Ultra HD TVs but wouldn’t divulge specifications such as brightness  levels or color gamut because ” picture quality is not only about numbers,” said TV business director Sunil Nayyar.

Are we running out of Real Estate?

At what point are consumers allowed to have a break from this? Seriously, there isn’t enough money to keep chucking at electronics and there isn’t enough money to keep chucking at electronics and these companies are going to end up developing themselves out of business. So instead of going to 8K, why not focus on the next evolution? May be 16K or whatever the maximum possible resolution that the human eye can distinguish… Then again, if they do that, where do they go from there?

Plenty of Real Estate still Left…

There is plenty of real estate left. You might want to read, “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World” just to get some basic understanding of a couple of things coming in the future, and how to be part of it. Listen to some Elon Musk, etc. Consider the future of education compared to what it is now. Consider VR, cloud-super-computing, big data, Al, 5G, etc… and then there are people in remote villages that can be happy. Happiness is a decision. Progress is ours.

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