South Korea Employment Permit System 2016

Know More About The New Changes In South Korea EPS 2016 For Nepalese Youths

South Korea Employment Permit System 2016

5. Less Chances of Medical Failure

We might be seeing many Nepalese returning back from Korea due to various health related problems. So, from this year onward Nepali government had stickily demanded  health reports of the candidates from medical organization. Moreover, according to Mr. Bastola “The candidates will be completely tested for T.B. before sending them. So that neither the employee nor the organization has to suffer.”

6. Nepali Counselling

In order to solve the difficulties and problems of Nepali workers, Korean Government have started providing counselling that also in their own Mother Language. That’s really beneficial too. As it allows Nepalese Youth to get idea about their responsibilities, duties, rights and benefits. However, such facilities were not granted in earlier days.

7. Training For Transferring Currency

Many of the workers working abroad are still sending their salaries through unregistered sources such as Hundi and all because of the lack of proper idea and Knowledge about the Remittance Banking facilities. For this purpose also Korean government have shown great attention. In fact they have now started training facilities to make them aware about banking and remittance facilities.

From now onward, before going to South Korea it has been made compulsory to open up a bank account in ‘A’ graded commercial bank. So that they could easily remit money and don’t have to fall in traps with unauthorized sources. This is also another great advantages which Korea is allowing from 2016 onward.

8. Investing Salaries on Hydro Power

People earning higher salaries often have desire to invest their money in some or other type of work. So that it would be beneficial for future prospective. But at the same time they also have fear of being cheated and trapped. Therefore, analyzing the interest of their employees Korean Government  have started their new homework for facilitating Nepalese Workers. Moreover, Mr. Bastola had also accomplished that soon the workers will be able to invest their funds in various Hydro Power Projects.

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