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Know More About the South Korea EPS 2016 Procedures

These days people are much more attracted towards Korea and it’s attractive salary. As the Korean language examinations are to be held in the month of June July for this year. Many institutions are been widely running language classes and preparing them. Since the Korean companies and organization provides reasonable salaries and better facilities. That’s why, Nepalese youths are more attracted towards it. Evaluating the popularity of Nepalese interest government themselves had also grounded more facilities and benefits for those applying through EPS. Nevertheless, these days applying for Korea has been much easier for Nepali peoples. Indeed, you could yourself notice many new changes while applying for from, examination and in processing.

Now you might wonder what could be those benefits? Here are those 8 benefits which you could be facilitate while applying for Korea this year.

 South Korea EPS 2016 2017 Advantages and Procedures

In later days these were no any options than standing in a line for a number of hours. It didn’t matter whether it was a sunniest day or the heavy monsoon rain people have to stand in a queue in order to submit the form for applying to Korea. But now, you could easily register it via internet by staying back at home, reports Dilliram Bastola (supervisor of EPS Korea Department). According to him online process have already been started.

2. MRP has Been Made Compulsory For Examination

From this year onward MRP been made compulsory for filling up the application form and giving examination. Recently, while conducting Korean language examination. It has been found that 51 applied people were fake. In fact, they don’t have passport with them. Therefore, with increasing probability of such candidate in near future, department have made compulsory MRP rules. According to Mr. Bastola after implementation of compulsory MRP document these will be no chance and no entry for the fake candidates.

3. Increasing Working Vacancy

Although the Korean government have not separated the vacancy rate for Nepalese workers. It is assumed that the number is surely to be risen by higher rate this year. According to the department, during previous languages there were altogether 81 thousand candidates among which only 8 thousands 4 hundred and 90 had been selected. Therefore, analyzing the situation the government of Nepal had requested to Korean Department to allow more offer for Nepalese youth and fortunately the response has also come positive. So, its more likely to get high visa rate this year.

4. Increasing Salary

If you have been thinking about Korea, than the another good news is about your salary. South Korea Government had increased its salary rate by 8.1 percent from early January. As per the role made recently the employers are to be provided 6 thousands 30 own per hour but the native employees have still been demanding for 10 thousands own which proves that the salary is soon to risen for this year. Beside this, still Nepali workers are easily coming 11 hundred dollar while some have also make up to $ 2000 by doing overtime.

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