Sporty Pulsar Motorbike NS200 AS200 AS150 Available Now: Features and Review

Sporty pulsar motorbike of pulsar are favorite bikes in Nepal and India from 10 years. Now with a concert of Nepathya (Nepali Musical Band), Bajaj has released three sporty pulsar bikes in Nepal. The three sporty pulsar motorbikes are RS200, AS 200 and AS 150.  These three models of sporty pulsar bikes are very popular among the young generation in India. The dealer of sporty pulsar bikes of Nepal is Hansaraj HulasChand Company. This company claims that the new sporty pulsar motorbikes are already booked in a row. This company claims that the new sporty pulsar bikes are very well designed and have a great sporty look.

The three sporty pulsar bikes with their details are here below:

1. Sporty pulsar Motorbike 1 (Pulsar RS 200)sporty pulsar motorbike

The CC of this sporty pulsar motorbike is 199.5. The power of the engine is 24.5 PS at 9750 rpm. The torque or the rotation power from engine you will get is 18.6 NM at 8000 rpm. It is a single cylinder, four strokes, liquid cooled with three spark ignition engine. The total tank storage for petrol is 13 liters. Maximum speed claimed by the company is 140.8 kilometers per hour. It has both digital and analog display with digital fuel meter. The price for this bike in Nepal is RS 3, 99,900. The claimed mileage of this sporty pulsar bike is 54 kilometers per liters

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2. Sporty pulsar motorbike 2 (AS 200)sporty pulsar motorbike

This sporty pulsar motorbike is more like pulsar 220 in its look. It is also 199.5 cc bike. The power is 23.5 bhp and 18.3 NM torque at 9500 and 8000 rpm. This is also triple spark DTs-I engine. The mileage of this bike is 55 km/l and the price that costs in Nepal is 2 lakhs 84 thousand 900 rupees (Rs 2,84,900).

 3. Sporty pulsar motorbike 3 (AS 150)
sporty pulsar motorbike

The net cc of this sporty pulsar motorbike is 149.5. Maximum power available with its engine is 16.8 BHP and 13 NM torque at 9500 and 8000 rpm. Fuel tank capacity is 12 liters. The price of this bike in Nepal is 2 lakhs 49 thousand nine hundred (Rs 2,49,900).

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